High on skiing at Val Thorens – Skiing at Les 3 Vallées Part 4

Val Thorens has been named as one of the best ski resorts in the world before, and it is the highest ski resort in Europe with an altitude of 2,300 metres. This altitude means that the snow quality should be great for winter and spring skiing. And that is in addition to its linked ski [...]


Half Board at Hotel Pashmina in Val Thorens – Skiing at Les 3 Vallées Part 3

Continuing from my previous post on my stay at Hotel Pashmina Le Refuge in Val Thorens, this one will cover the half-board program that was included in my room rate. Many European ski lodges offer what is called a half-board whereby breakfast and dinner is included. My guess is that older ski areas have typically [...]

Luxurious and Fragrant Hotel Pashmina in Val Thorens – Skiing at Les 3 Vallées Part 2

Picked up at the Gare Routiere by the hotel shuttle van, since that is the end point for the bus from Moutiers. That means other skiers need to call up their hotel/ski lodge to pick them up if they have a lot of luggage as the whole village is not really easily navigable with ski [...]

Getting to Val Thorens from Lyon – Skiing at Les 3 Vallées Part 1

Back when I planned for this skiing trip in the Alps, information on public transport to Val Thorens was relatively scarce. I believe many skiers usually rent a car or drive up to the ski resort as shuttle buses are not very frequent. The most convenient town where buses depart from seems to be from [...]

48 Hours in Paris – A Guide to Enjoying and Eating in the City for a weekend

Paris, ah yes, that beautiful city that many travellers have an opinion about. The love of many and such a predictable city to cover in any first time tourist to Europe. Though when you come to think of it, Paris does have its merits that grants its popularity. Given 2 full days to eat and [...]