Thoughts on Chile as a Travel Destination

Chile has not really registered as a travel destination to me and the point that attracted me to this country was that I did not need a visa to travel there amd the skiing is one of the best in South America. The countries that generally comes to visitors' mind when speaking of South America [...]


24 Hours in Santiago, Chile

In reality, I actually spent several nights in Santiago, and probably have more than 24 hours to spend in the city. However with my escapades to ski and snowboard, I would not say I used all those days to be in Santiago. Instead, I would write about what many visitors could do if they have [...]

72 hours in Torres del Paine National Park and Puerto Natales

I should probably mention first that the photos in this post is probably far more noteworthy than what I would write. With the disclaimer done, I shall start from my accommodation at Altiplanico Puerto Natales. This little town by the bay is usually the base for most explorers to Torres del Paine, especially during the [...]

Stay and dine at Hotel Altiplanico Sur in Puerto Natales

My trip to Patagonia to explore Torres del Paine National Park was during the shoulder season in between late winter and early spring which meant many of the hotels were actually not yet open. Having reserved Hotel Altiplanico Bellas Artes in Santiago and enjoying my stay there, I was looking forward to staying at their [...]