When too much snow can be bad – even for Ski Resorts

When too much snow can be bad – even for Ski Resorts

Skiers all love it when it snows since there has been a shortage of the soft fluffy stuff in recent years. However things kind of changed this winter season. In the second week of January 2018, which is considered one of the best times to ski powder in the European, a deluge of snowfall has [...]


Hola from Chile! Misplaced Luggage and Tourist Scams

I had a whole day of travel yesterday and finally arrived in Chile, the first South American country I visited and it also marks the first time I ever visited the continent. Why Chile? The answer is simply because it is one of the countries where I do not need to apply a visa to [...]

An IRROP in Guangzhou, a story about the 97 percent, and a Good Ending

It was quite a hectic past 2 weeks, and it started on Tuesday 2 weeks ago with my flight from Vancouver to Guangzhou on China Southern's 787. They might not be the best airline but it works perfectly for me since I get a Business Class seat that was full lie-flat, some nice Chinese cuisine [...]