Delta Airlines Boeing 767 Business Class from Shanghai to Seattle

Delta Airlines Boeing 767 Business Class from Shanghai to Seattle

Check out at Hyatt on the Bund was very slow as they had to get my card details twice. Not a very pleasant experience when you're rushing for time. In the meantime the bell boy did a good job in handling the luggage and it was waiting for me inside the cab when I completed [...]


Delta 717 Business Class from Atlanta to Toronto

Since my luggage was already tagged all the way to Toronto, I arrived back at the terminal via the convenient MARTA train service. Perhaps due to the long layover time, I had to get my boarding pass in Atlanta and that meant getting it at the counter since there was some document check that needs [...]

Delta ONE Business Class 767-300ER from Santiago to Atlanta

Boarding was called inside the lounge, and it was on-time such that the process has already started when I reached the gate which is a short walk from the lounge. An interesting feature along the walk is that the immigrations and customs can be observed from the terminal itself with a glass window separating them [...]

Delta ONE Business Class on the 767-300ER between Atlanta and Santiago

With the boarding gate for the flight conveniently located beside the Sky Club in Concourse E, which is also the international terminal for Atlanta, I took my own time to head to the gates. I had arrived at what seems to be a relatively empty gate, and there was not much crowds for a wide [...]