Japan Airlines collaborates with Dean & Deluca for Premium Economy and Economy Inflight Meals

Japan Airlines recently announced that they will collaborate with Welcome Co., Ltd., the operators of Dean & Deluca Japan to develop an exclusive inflight meal that will be served onboard selected flights to North America, Europe, and Australia. The new meal will be offered starting from December 1, 2019 and run until February 29, 2020.

This is in line with the numerous inflight meal collaborations that Japan Airlines have with numerous dining outlets popular in Japan that it brand as AIR Series meals. Past collaborations have included fast food outlets like Mos Burger and Yoshinoya.

JAL AIR Dean & Deluca meal
Spicy Cajun flavored chicken over turmeric rice

According to Japan Airlines, ‘the limited-time AIR DEAN & DELUCA meal features a spicy cajun flavored chicken over turmeric rice and comes with a side of fresh coleslaw.’ A dessert of coffee jelly with sweetened milk is also served with the tray. This special meal would only be served as the second meal prior to arrival onboard Premium Economy and Economy Class cabins that flies long haul routes. A list of applicable routes are listed below:

– From Tokyo (Narita) to Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Helsinki, and Melbourne
– From Tokyo (Haneda) to New York, San Francisco, London (JL043), and Paris
– From Osaka (Kansai) to Los Angeles

Having flown Japan Airlines long haul in Economy Class when I was younger, I can attest to the fact that they had one of my most memorable inflight meals in Economy. I was introduced to Dean & Deluca in the United States when I travelled there and they have very tasty gourmet food at affordable prices. The chain is popular in Thailand and Japan as well where they have several outlets so I can see this meal being popular with the Japanese flyers. The fact that Japan Airlines have continued to dish out desirable cuisines in the cheapest flying class is deserving of respect in the airline industry today!

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