Audi Ice Experience at St. Anton for February 2020

Well it appears that Audi has confirmed the details of their next Ice Experience outing in St. Anton. According to the St. Anton website, between 31 January to 09 February 2020, the Audi ice experience will take place in St. Jakob, just a stone’s throw from St. Anton am Arlberg. For participants driving an Audi, they could just input “Gsörer-Au-Weg in St. Anton am Arlberg 6580”, and follow the guidance to the location.

Audi Driving Experience
Audi kiosk at St. Anton

What is the Audi Ice Experience?

According to Audi and St. Anton, the organizers, “a paradise awaits quattro fans on a frozen surface extending 16,000 m². Expert Audi driving instructors will be on hand to advise all participants, who will receive exclusive tips for the ultimate Audi quattro experience on ice and snow. Enjoy testing the Audi RS Q3 on the ice!”

My past experience attending this complimentary event was that guests visiting St. Anton could find an Audi kiosk near the tourist office where they could then register beforehand for a timeslot. They could either head to the location themselves or take a shuttle to the venue. Though in the coming season, Audi is just planning to organize a shuttle service in front of the tourist office in St. Anton, shuttling guests to St. Jakob where they get to test the new RS Q3 on the snow. Last time I attended the event it was the Audi S5 that participants could practice with drifting in the snow. Driving instructors were on hand to guide participants and you need to be above the age of 18 to participate, and it is necessary to hold a valid drivers’ license.

Audi S5 in the snow
Audi S5 in the snow

Needless to say, this is one event that skiers could partake in while on a ski vacation in the Arlberg region which is coincidentally one of my favourite ski destinations. Being able to enjoy the thrill of doing donuts on the snow in Arlberg would definitely be a huge bonus after the adrenaline rush on the slopes. And to top it off, there was some goodies that participants could get during the event. If you are a car fan, there might even be a couple of Audi models to swoon at, since this is a marketing event to bring customers into the Audi marque.

Audi Driving Experience goodies
Goodies from the Audi Driving Experience

Whichever the case, if you are planning a trip to the Arlberg region in February, do consider signing up for this event. I can guarantee that it will be as fun as the one you may have in the mountains!

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