Photo Journal of my Flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles

Because my flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles onboard United Airlines was in a regional jet (Embraer 175), there was really little to report or review so I am testing a new approach instead with minimal words and more photos since the views on this flight was spectacular with the fine weather in the day.

Take-off from YVR
Take-off from YVR

A clear sky with some clouds meant the Coast Mountain range was visible upon take-off from Vancouver. It was only marred by the heavy scratches in the windows of this regional jet which has definitely seen plenty of flying.

Taking off
Views of the Coast Mountain range
Flying past Richmond, BC
Quick turn past Richmond, BC

A quick turn after take-off brought the flight’s bearing due south, across the Fraser river and soon we were into US airspace.

Farmlands in Delta, BC
Farmlands and suburban towns in south-east of Vancouver
Fraser river
Crossing Fraser river

As we crossed into the United States, we passed by Bellingham Bay with the islands off the coast of Washington state.

Guemes Island
Guemes Island in Washington state

Flying with these regional jets meant passengers fly lower and can better observe the snow-capped mountains in the west coast like Mount Rainier.

Flying past Mt Rainier
Flying past Mt Rainier in Washington state

Just after we passed Mount Rainier, lunch was served onboard and there seems to be an improvement in catering with a chicken salad served instead of the snack box I received last time on this route.

Chicken salad
Chicken salad

While there was supposed to be free inflight streaming of movies, the streaming speed was just too slow that I gave up and entertained myself with the views out of the window as the snow-capped landscapes continues. I surmise that by this time we were somewhere over King’s Canyon in the Sierra Nevada range, meaning we were close to Los Angeles.

Canyons in California state
Canyons in California state

Past the Sierra Nevada range, we head towards flatter terrain where the landscape changes to towns and settlements in the valley.

Cities of Southern California
Towns of Southern California

As the settlements grew in density I caught the first sight of the Hollywood Hills flanking the norther edge of Los Angeles.

Hollywood Hills
Hollywood Hills

From there, the plane veered east towards Central Los Angeles and passing downtown Los Angeles with its skyscrapers seemingly reaching for the wing of our airplane.

Central Los Angeles
Downtown LA skyscrapers
Downtown LA skyscrapers
Flying past Union Station
Flying past Union Station

Past downtown Los Angeles, the plane changed direction again as we made our descent and approach towards LAX. This gave us views of the transport networks criss-crossing this large metropolis.

Greater Los Angeles from the air
Greater Los Angeles from the air
Descent into LAX
Suburban mass of Los Angeles

It was only after passing Interstate 405 that the airport came into view for passengers and we made the final approach to land on runway 24R. The hotels along Century Boulevard came into view before the dome at LAX made a striking landmark to know we have reached our destination.

Interstate 405
Interstate 405

Once again, flying United was just another flight even in domestic First Class for this is just a routine day of flying. The views and fine weather for the flight made it that more interesting and I did get where I needed to be for the real flight coming up soon in my review.

Landing at LAX
Landing at LAX

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