Breakfast at Diva at the Met Restaurant in Vancouver, BC

During my stay at the Metropolitan Hotel in Vancouver, I was able to enjoy a bit of breakfast in the hotel’s main restaurant – Diva at the Met and I would write about my dining experience in the morning. In lieu of the lounge access that should provide breakfast and evening hour snacks for Marriott Platinum members, there was breakfast vouchers provided for up to 2 persons per room. Otherwise guests could also opt for an extra 750 points per day during check-in.

Breakfast voucher and room keys
Breakfast voucher and room keys

Breakfast in the restaurant is served in an a-la-carte style with a menu provided for guests. This makes it slightly upmarket compared to the usual continental buffet spread. Below are the menu for breakfast.

Breakfast menu
Breakfast menu
Breakfast menu
Breakfast menu

Inside the restaurant, the space is traditional restaurant decor but it is comfortable with plenty of light from the large windows. The floor has been split into 2 sections with the rear of the restaurant set slightly higher. Seating in the restaurant has been arranged mainly for groups of 4 people but there was not much people so getting a table was easy.

Diva at the Met
Inside Diva at the Met

On the first stay, I had the Canadian Benny which is the local take on eggs benedict. Underneath the couple of poached eggs, there was diced roasted ham with potato hash and English muffin. Topping it off is plenty of hollandaise sauce. While the portion did not seem large, the taste was great with the potato hash being cooked perfectly with a bit of crunch.

Canadian Benny
Canadian Benny – poached eggs with roasted ham, potato hash, English muffin, and hollandaise

The breakfast vouchers basically allowed for guests to order up to the Canadian Breakfast set valued at C$23 but I believe they can make some adjustments when guests exceed by a little bit. That meant guests could generally order a main course with coffee and they should still be within limits. On my second stay, I ordered a sweet option, going with the Brioche French toast.

Breakfast at Diva
Breakfast at Diva

The French toast was plated nicely and I have to commend it was one of the nicer French toasts I had. The outer of the toast is coated generously with eggs and it was toasted just nicely to give a golden colour. The sweetness of the toast matches well to the sourness of the berry compote and the citrus addition gave it a fresh burst of flavour. The sugar dusting was perfect for a winter morning as well.

Brioche french toast
Brioche french toast, served with berry compote and citrus

Because I was dining alone in the second stay, I ordered both a juice and a cappuccino. And since I still had some extra credits, I asked for a half boiled egg as well. The half boiled egg came out just nice so I do have to commend how I enjoyed this breakfast.

Half-boiled egg
Half-boiled egg

At the prices listed on the menu, I find they offer a decent value even for walk-in customers considering their fantastic location right in the middle of the city. For a complimentary hotel breakfast, this was as good as it gets amongst the North American hotels I have visited.

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