Scandinavian Mountains Airport to open in December 2019 serving Sälen and Trysil

For the ski season 2019/20 there is a new airport that is about to open in Sweden to cater to skiers travelling all the way north to ski. The colder weather and less crowds in ski areas up north does makes sense for areas in Sweden and Norway as alternatives to visiting the European Alps. What was originally an airstrip built since the 1960s located near the mountain community of Rörbäcksnäs, the airstrip has been extended with a terminal built and the facility will be named as the Scandinavian Mountains Airport with the IATA code SCR will be opened in December 2019. This airport is expected to serve the popular ski areas of Stöten, Sälen and Kläppen in Sweden and Trysil in Norway as the airport is close to the Swedish-Norwegian border.

View of the Scandinavian Mountains Airport. Photo from Scandinavian Mountains Airport

When the airport opens, it will be the first airport to run with a remotely controlled tower, meaning there will not be a fixed control tower in the airport vicinity itself. Two airlines, Braathens Regional Airlines and Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS) will operate initially with routes to the airport planned from cities across Sweden, Copenhagen and Aalborg in Denmark and London Heathrow in UK. The airport will have the capacity to hold 4 arrivals at once and a new 9,500 square metre terminal will house facilities to handle international arrivals.

View of the airplane parking area. Photo from Scandinavian Mountains Airport

The location of this airport is close to Sälen and Trysil, both large resorts operated by Skistar and transfers is expected to bring skiers to Sälen in between 10-20 minutes, with transfers to Trysil taking about 40 minutes. And because the airport is so close to the ski resort of Sälen, there is an opportunity to take a dog sled from the airport to the ski resort accommodation. Though the transfer by dog sled is not cheap at 4,995 Swedish krones (~$500) for up to 4 persons, this would definitely be a unique way to get to your resort from the airport. Again, I do not expect this to be popular since it would take a longer time with passengers exposed to the cold winter weather.

Location map
InfartbyNiklas Wahlström
Airport Terminal building. Photo by Niklas Wahlström for Scandinavian Mountains Airport

Checking for flights from Copenhagen on SAS, the return flights costs around EUR 144 (~$158) with flights departing on Thursdays and Sundays at 7:55am, arriving SCR at 09:15am. Return flights departs at 10:00am, arriving Copenhagen at 11:25am. This makes sense for Danish-based travellers, though it is expensive for travellers already located at Stockholm or Oslo since SAS does not sell tickets to this airport from either of these 2 cities, and costs are expected to be higher than taking the bus or the train from these respective areas.

Sample flight from Copenhagen on SAS

However visitors travelling to Denmark could take the opportunity to ski in Scandinavia with this new airport that would make several ski areas more accessible. For another ski resort that is accessible via plane, skiers could also check out Åre in Sweden which is located even further up north with more regular scheduled flights to Åre-Ostersund Airport.

Last run down
Lights on during the last run of the evening

Skiing in Scandinavia is a more family friendly affair with pistes that are more gentle and resorts that are not as crowded or as large as the one in the Alps. And the later sunrise and earlier sunsets might mean shorter ski durations but when the weather co-operates, the light can be wonderful on your last run down and many resorts have night skiing to maximize skiers’ time on the slopes!

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