Air France Economy Class on the Airbus A318 from Zurich to Paris

Boarding started before 18:00 which is the time indicated on the boarding pass. And by the time I reached the gates, there was no more queue to board, which just required me to walk up to scan my boarding pass on the gantry.

Boarding for the Air France flight
Boarding for the Air France flight

With the way the airplane was parked, I was only able to get a partial shot of the plane before heading into the plane.

Boarding the flight
View of the Air France A318 at Zurich

AF1815 Zurich Kloten ZRH – Paris Charles De Gaulle CDG
STD-STA: 1830-1955
Actual: 1853-1951
Airbus A318 F-GUGA
Gate B33 Seat 4D

For flights on Air France, I was able to pre-select my seat at the time I purchase my ticket since I had Flying Blue Gold status. That meant I was able to pick a seat closer to the front at the aisle, making it as comfortable as possible for an Economy class flight.

Galley view
Galley view from the seat

Inside the Airbus, it was a bit cramped if I must say, and since I rarely take the A318 configuration, I found this plane to be so much smaller than the A320s more common in Asia. On this flight, the luggage hold is filled to the brim, though there was still enough space onboard for my backpack.

In between the seats
In between the seats

Plane was really warm on boarding and that added to some discomfort. There was a wait by the gate as the Captain had to restart the engine. This delayed our take off even though the boarding was early. Seats are tight on the Airbus A318 and it felt more like flying with a low-cost carrier.

Tight legroom onboard the A318

For this short flight, a snack was served and the snack was a goat cheese and walnut sandwich with beverages offered.

Sandwich snack
Goat cheese and walnut sandwich

Only apple and tomato juice available though wines were offered too. Beverages were handed out in individual small cans and served with a plastic cup.

Inflight snack service
Beverage served in small cans

There are no seatback monitors or any inflight entertainment onboard. The airline magazine placed on the seatback pocket was the only thing to pass the time on the flight for this night flight.

Magazine in the seat back
Magazine in the seat back

For this flight, the small plane and tight legroom did make the experience sub-par on the whole. While there was the complimentary snack and beverage, I did not find the flight to be comfortable and lacking in other amenities. While it initially purchased this ticket as it was the cheapest, this experience flying on the A318 meant I would try to avoid this plane type in the future.

Air France Airbus A318
Air France Airbus A318

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