Dining at the town of Åre

As part of my ski trip at Åre, I was not on a half board package which is mainly the case in Europe since I knew Åre is a town with plenty of restaurants. With most of the restaurants conveniently located around the base of the funicular, Åre Bergbana, it was practical for me to head down to the village from Hotel Fjällgården to have dinner every night. Below were some of the restaurants that I tried while in town.

Supper Restaurant

The first restaurant I tried was Supper which serves South American cuisine in small plates that allows single diners to order several dishes or groups to share plates. Located midway along the footpath between the funicular station and the railway station, the restaurant has a clean modern look from the outside.

Supper restaurant
Supper restaurant

As I just walked in here, the space was crowded and I had to wait for a seat by the bar. The service here is basic and feels more like a bar, and the ambience is vibrant, though they do have a quieter section by the windows. If dining here in groups, do make a reservation before hand as the space is quite small and seats are limited.

The 2 dishes I tried here are the pork tacos and chicharrón (fried pork skin) which is a tasty delicacy in Mexico. Both dishes were tasty and the menu here might seem a bit Mexican based on the food I ordered. However I would classify them under comfort Latin American cuisine.

Tacos and Chicharrón
Pork tacos and chicharrón at Supper Restaurant

Crêperie & Logi

For the next meal I tried something different as I walked into Crêperie & Logi. This restaurant serves crepe as the name suggests and has several branches around Sweden. It is located a bit off from the main square and closer to Hotel Åregården.

Again, I did not make a reservation but I was able to be seated immediately on the bar. This restaurant is larger than Supper and was not as crowded but all the tables were filled. Aside from the usual sweet crepes, there was several savoury crepes with Scandinavian seafood toppings like roe, fish, shrimps and local cheese. However, the service here was very slow and I waited quite a while for my food to arrive even when visiting the restaurant by myself.

Creekside at Årevägen
Crêperie & Logi beside the creek

Here, I ordered the Skagen crepe which has toppings of shrimps, bleak roe, red onion, Västerbotten cheese, lemon and arugula. The fresh seafood toppings made it a wholesome meal and it was worth the wait.

Skagen crepe
Skagen crepe

Werséns Källare

As part of the highlight of my visit, my most memorable meal at Åre was in Werséns Källare. Located just across the town square, the restaurant occupies a prominent located in town. It is also large and have plenty of seating so that even for walk-in customers there was no problem in getting a table.

Inside the restaurant has a more traditional decor with the menu being Swedish in general. With plenty of dishes to choose from including pizzas, appetizers and main courses, I settled on a truffle pizza and a Biff Rydberg.

Bread and butter
Bread and butter

At a price of SEK195 for the truffle pizza (~$20), it was very delicious and the portion works well as an appetizer. A crispy flat bread with butter was also served and maybe that brought me thinking I ordered a bit too much.

Truffle pizza
Truffle pizza

However the main course of Biff Rydberg which is a traditional Swedish dish again was not that large. Usually this dish contains beef as the main ingredient but in this restaurant at Åre, reindeer meat is used. Served alongside a raw egg yolk for the meat pieces to be dipped it, there was horseradish cream on the side along with crispy bits of potatoes. The reindeer meat was tender and served medium and the taste was not heavy so they must have marinated it beforehand.

Biff Rydberg
Biff Rydberg

All three restaurants I visited in Åre provided a different mix of cuisines, meaning skiers staying here for the week will have plenty of choices and would be able to have a different type of food every day. This definitely made a ski holiday in Åre more bearable. A decent meal here can cost anywhere between SEK 300-600 (~$31-62) including drinks and that is not that much more expensive compared to dining in Stockholm or any large city. Considering the quality of the dishes, I would actually rate the restaurants here as good value for money!

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