Sequel to First Class Skiing – a Prologue

Welcome to my next major trip report that I undertook in January this year. Every year, I try to make one special solo trip to explore new ski areas and maybe enjoy some new airlines as well. However this time around, an expiring miles from Lufthansa Miles and More and the fact that I decided to move all my Star Alliance earning towards Singapore Airlines Krisflyer meant it was time to burn the miles on Lufthansa First Class. After all what is the whole point of earning Lufthansa miles if not to use it on their nice First Class product that I enjoyed immensely last time.

Thus this trip was meant to be a sequel to the last one, and I was lucky enough to have a flight out of Singapore to Stockholm via Frankfurt. For the return trip I would fly from Lyon to Singapore, also getting a 6 hour layover in Frankfurt, which will allow me plenty of time to shop, shower and have a nice dinner at the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt.

Private terminal
Lufthansa First Class Terminal

For the skiing destination, I had enjoyed Stockholm and I thought it would be fantastic to try out skiing at Åre, which is considered one of Scandinavia’s largest ski area. Prices for domestic flights on SAS between Stockholm and Åre-Ostersund airport was reasonable and it allowed me to check-in my skis and luggage.

Beautiful winter sunset
Beautiful winter sunset on approach into OSD

For the next phase of the trip, I would be back to try out Switzerland’s ski resorts but instead of basing myself in a ski resort, I would stay at Lucerne and take the train to go skiing in the morning using the Rail & Ski passes sold by SBB, Swiss railway company. This would allow me to save some money and enjoy the city life at night when I return. As to the logistics of this, I would dedicate a more comprehensive write up and comparison to staying in a ski resort.

Taking the train to ski
Taking the train to ski at Lucerne

Finally for the last segment, I had a stay in Lech where I would be revisiting the Arlberg ski region which I loved. This also makes it the first ski area I would visit for the second time in Europe. And that is why it is a ‘Sequel to First Class Skiing’ as not only are the flights on First Class, the skiing is prime as well since I would spend several days in Lech, having found a reasonable rate at a ski hotel in a Small Luxury Hotels in Lech am Arlberg.

Pristine snow at Zug
Pristine snow at Zug

For the return trip, I found availability departing out of Lyon and that allowed me to enjoy some of my favourite cuisine in Europe before flying back to Asia onboard Lufthansa’s First Class on the A380 again. As I try to complete all the sections sequentially, do enjoy this trip with me!

Lufthansa's A380 at Frankfurt
Lufthansa’s A380 at Frankfurt

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