Lufthansa Business Lounge at New York JFK Airport Terminal 1

Kerbside drop-off at JFK Terminal 1 for Turkish Airways was full so there was a short wait before we alighted from our Uber at night. Plenty of people were checking in for the flights tonight and all 3 counters for Business Class was busy. We had, however, arrived early for our flight and had plenty of time to spare.

Turkish Airlines check-in counter
Turkish Airlines check-in counter

Security was not too bad and it took about 15 minutes for us to clear security into the small departure concourse.

Departure gates
Departure concourse at JFK Terminal 1

Lounge accessible to us was the Lufthansa Business Lounge as the Senator lounge was closed at this time and that meant there was no showers since they were located in the upper level where the Senator lounge was located at. The entrance of this lounge was easy to locate since it was visible immediately on the right as we left the security screening area. This lounge is also accessible for Star Alliance Gold members.

Entrance to the lounge
Entrance to the lounge

A reception staff checked our boarding pass and ushered us into the lounge which had a bar table with stools by the entrance.

Reception for the lounge
Reception for the lounge

Right behind the reception desk, enclosed in its own space was a large TV lounge with plenty of individual armchairs facing the large flatscreen TV. This section is for guests who just wants to sit down in peace since there will be less foot traffic and noise here.

TV lounge
TV lounge

Outside the TV lounge, there is a shelf filled with magazines and newspapers. Aside from The New York Times, there was Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. However the magazines are mainly in German.

Magazine shelf
Magazine shelf

The dining area of the lounge occupies the next section with bar tables by the walls below the various world time zones. There are cafeteria style seating as well for groups of 3 or 4.

Dining section
Dining section

The buffet console lines one side of the dining area and starts with the touch screen WMF espresso machine found commonly in Lufthansa lounges. A corner with assorted tea bags is placed beside the espresso machine.

Espresso machine
Espresso machine and tea bags

Next to the coffee and tea was a fountain drinks serving the usual Coca-Cola and a tap serving Paulaner beer. There was a variety of liquors available for self-service.

Fountain drinks
Soft drinks and beer

Then comes the cold buffet section which consists of a mixed greens salad, a bulgur salad with parsley and raisins, a pasta salad, olives marinated with lemon and herbs, cucumbers and tomatoes. There was creamy hummus, balsamic vinegar and caesar dressing on the side along with flaxseed, dried cranberries and croutons.

Salad bar
Salad bar

Alongside the salads, there was a spinach wrap with smoked turkey, turmeric coleslaw and romaine lettuce. There was a cheese plate and 3 different types of cheesecake (New York, chocolate or raspberry) on the cold buffet as well.

Wraps, cheese and chilled cakes
Wraps, cheese and chilled cheese cakes

In the hot food section, there was BBQ beef ragout served with rice, sauteed vegetables, rosemary potatoes and a quiche with baby spinach and sundried tomatoes.

Ragout and vegetables
Hot food buffet section

A basket containing bread rolls was placed in between the buffet console.

Bread rolls
Bread basket

Another console table was placed to act as partition between the rest of the lounge and the dining area. This console table contains assorted candy jars along with mixed nuts and mini pretzel snacks.

Candies and snacks
Candies and snacks in jars

The packets of Fritos corn chips was also great to have for guests who just want a quick snack to grab on the way to the flight.

Fritos corn chips
Fritos corn chips

Finally, next to the snacks, there was red and white wines, chilled juices and still or sparkling water.

Wines in the lounge
Wines, juices and bottled water

In general, there was a good range of food and snacks in the lounge which was better than the average North American lounge and could certainly fill me up for a light dinner. When I first visited, there was still plenty of seats though the lounge gets busier due to the other Star Alliance flights using the lounge later in the night.

Dining area in the lounge
Dining area partition

For guests with a longer transit time, there is an alcove next to the buffet area with 4 reclined lounge chairs.

Lounging corner
Relaxation corner

The rest of the lounge comprises mainly of leather armchairs in navy blue and khaki, colours that are in-line with the decor of other Lufthansa lounges I have been to.

Lufthansa Business lounge
Inside the Lufthansa Business lounge

There was a bar table for working by the wall with plenty of power outlets. Coat hangers were placed around the lounge as well so guests could easily hang their outerwear.

Seating in the lounge
Seating in the lounge

From inside the lounge, there was good views of the tarmac and a Norwegian 787 was parked next to the lounge. The flight actually departed before we left and gave us views of the adjacent planes, including an arriving China Eastern 777 and Korean Air A380.

Norwegian 787
Norwegian 787

Wifi in the lounge was usable and there was clean bathrooms at the end so for a waiting lounge, this was a nice space to serve Star Alliance passengers in JFK Terminal 1. As far as North American lounges go for International Business Class passengers, this was one of the nicer ones I have been to. Considering how busy it became in the night time, I would have liked it if they actually opened the second level of the lounge as well to spread the crowd out a bit as it got a bit noisy at times.

Relaxing corner
Relaxing corner in the lounge

Another thing to note is that there was the Air France and Alitalia lounge in the same terminal, which means that passengers on Sky Team has more choices and space when departing out of Terminal 1, and the small space of the Lufthansa Lounge was definitely inadequate as there was an EVA Air and Air China flight after my Turkish Airways flight.


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