KLM 737 Intra-Europe Business Class from Munich MUC to Amsterdam AMS

KL1798 Munich International MUC – Amsterdam Schiphol AMS
STD-STA: 1750-1925
Actual: 1845-1951
Boeing 737-800 PH-BXK “Swift/Gierzaluw”
Gate D11 Seat 1F

KLM 737
KLM 737 at Munich

While boarding was scheduled at 5:20pm, it was not until 6:05pm that we boarded this flight indicating that there will be delays. As I entered the cabin of the 737, the cabin was a bit dark due to the use of blue hues across the seat and the bulkhead.

Boarding the KLM jet
Boarding the KLM jet

A quick boarding indicated this would be a packed flight from Munich with nearly all seats taken in Business class and full in Economy. Up front, the seat was like any intra-Europe Business Class with the middle seat blocked. With the bulkhead, my legroom was marginally better but not by much.

Legroom onboard
Legroom onboard the bulkhead row

Once all passengers were onboard, the Captain went online to explain the reason for the delay but he did mention we would still be running late by 30 minutes upon arrival in Amsterdam.

Headrest on empty middle seat
Headrest on empty middle seat

After pullback, there was a long taxi to the runway but there was fortunately no queue for take off. However the late boarding and the long taxi did mean that we were in the air nearly an hour later than out scheduled departure.

Air France Airbus A320 in Skyteam livery
Air France Airbus A320 in Skyteam livery

Seat belt sign was turned off quickly after gaining altitude with the dinner service commencing not long after that. We were served our meal just as we flew past Ingolstadt.

Ingolstadt Airport in the distance
Ingolstadt Airport in the distance

After the meal tray was placed, there was a choice of white or dark bread from the basket. There was no options for the meal, though I appreciated that they detailed the food for passengers in the form of a menu placed on the tray. For this short flight, I was surprised that KLM still hands out a menu, that indicated all the choices, including those for its earlier flights. The menu for this flight was:

Breakfast offering

Lunch selections

Dinner choices

Alcoholic beverages

Non-alcoholic beverages

If you noticed from my initial photo of the tray platter, it was lacking the vinaigrette and the butter, that I was able to ask from the stewardess. However it has the salt and pepper shakers that I liked since it was in the form of the Dutch clogs.

Mesclun salad with grilled salmon, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes and lemon oil
Mesclun salad with grilled salmon, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes and lemon oil
Chocolate pudding and condiments
Chocolate pudding and condiments

For the food, the starter had a lot of flavour but I am not a fan of blue cheese so I just had a bite. The main course of salmon was good and the vegetables even better with white asparagus that was in season. This was definitely a good dinner to have. Finally the chocolate pudding dessert was a bit sweet for me but it was enjoyable on the whole. To end the meal service, coffee or tea was offered to guests and I got a refill of water and a cup of black coffee without creamer and sugar.

Beverage service
Beverage service

Very quickly after that, the captain announced our descent and the crew started to clear all the remaining beverages as they prepare the cabin for landing. It was a sunset landing into Amsterdam Schiphol today with a direct approach into the runway.

Descent into Amsterdam Schiphol
Descent into Amsterdam Schiphol

After a quick taxi to the terminal and even before the plane came to a stop, crew was motioned to disarm flights, so I guess the Captain himself is in a rush to get home. This was definitely one of the fastest runway to terminal taxi I have seen in a major international airport. For this short flight, I am impressed with the efficiency of the KLM’s crew in serving the meals with bread and beverage refills for a flight that lasted slightly more than an hour in the air. The decent meal service with explanations on the food certainly will make me consider KLM more for short haul flights within Europe.

KLM Jets
KLM liveries at Amsterdam Schiphol

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