Austrian Airlines Business Class on the Embraer 195 service from Vienna to Milan

For the next flight, the plane was once again at a remote stand. While there was a gate assigned, the gate areas was even busier and more crowded than the lounge. Fortunately, there was an innovative tiered cube seating space that the airport has setup in each gate to allow for more passengers to sit down and wait.

Gate area
Gate area seating at Vienna Airport

Our flight was slightly delayed with boarding starting only at 17:55, when our scheduled departure time was actually 17:40. The bus took us to a remote stand slightly further this time round and the flight was more packed with 2 buses required to ferry the passengers.

OS515 Vienna VIE – Milan Malpensa MXP
STD-STA: 1740-1910
Actual: 1814-1917
Embraer 195 OE-LWM
Gate F5 Seat 1A

For the second time that day, I boarded Austrian Airlines’ Embraer by the forward stairs, though they had the back stairs open as well to allow for more efficient boarding.

Austrian E195
Boarding Austrian E195 through both front and rear stairs

As we got seated, I took the seat 1A while my fiancee was seated behind on row 2. The intra Europe Business class here became less useful for couples since that meant they had to be seated separately, though I do not see why they could not just move to each other.

Bulkhead seats
Bulkhead seats
Business class cabin
Business class cabin

When boarding was completed, the Business class cabin had only 4 passengers. Our captain came online to apologize for the delay which is due to bad weather in the south of Germany and around Austria restricting airspace, which meant the plane arrived later than usual. Safety demonstration was once again performed manually by the crew before pullback.

Austrian turobprops
Austrian turobprops at Vienna
Reserved for your comfort
Reserved for your comfort

With the clear weather in Vienna Airport, the bad weather somewhere else was forgotten and a quick pullback and smooth take off meant we were up in the air not too late. Through an efficient boarding and pullback, the delay ended up being less than 30 minutes which is still not too bad in my opinion.

Take-off views from Vienna
Take-off views from Vienna
Wind turbines around Lower Austria
Wind turbines around Lower Austria

An inflight meal was served in the front cabin after take off. For this flight, the main course was a fried crepe filled with duck and a panna cotta for dessert. The lack of menu meant there was no way to tell what else was inside the crepe but it tasted good such that I ended up wanting more of it.

Inflight meal with panna cotta
Inflight meal of fried crepe with roast duck and panna cotta

Service onboard this flight followed the pattern of the previous one with tea and coffee being offered to passengers afterwards. However this was a much shorter flight and there did not seem to time for a duty free sales since the captain announced our descent into Milan just after the meal tray was cleared. With the sun setting, it was nice to see an orange glow over the suburban towns around Milan.

Descent over Milan
Descent over Milan
KLM E190 jet
KLM Embraer 190 jet at Milan Malpensa

With the same plane type as my last flight, there was not much to report here since the cabin looked exactly the same with no inflight entertainment and basic controls over the seat with the crew service light located overhead along with the light switch. The slight wait for the disembarkation gave me time to snap a photo of the overhead controls.

Overhead controls
Overhead controls

While the sunset on arrival was nice, the airport in Milan Malpensa seems like a gloomy space to be. I had arrived here previously in the International terminal with the baggage claim area being nicer. But for this flight, the baggage claim area was a mess with wires hanging all over the ceiling. The space was dimly lit and maybe that discourages travellers to fly with their checked in luggage.

Baggage carousel
Baggage carousel at Milan Malpensa

This flight once again confirms to me that Milan’s airport is perhaps one of the worst in Europe, or the bottom of all the airports I have departed or arrived in anyway. Aside from the fantastic meal that was lacking in the portion size, the rest of the flight is just forgettable. For day-to-day business commuters, I really cannot say I prefer flying compared to taking an express train while in Europe. Though in this case, a train from Vienna to Milan does take a while due to the need to cross the Alps, thus flying is definitely faster but not more enjoyable nor any more convenient.

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