Lufthansa A320 Business Class from Frankfurt to Oslo

After the visit to the Lufthansa Business lounges, I returned to collect my duffel bag and made my way to board my connecting Lufthansa flight to Oslo. It is interesting to find Nespresso machines beside the gate areas around the terminal where passengers without lounge access could pay a couple of Euros for a nice cup of espresso.

Paid Nespresso machines
Paid Nespresso machines near the gates

LH864 Frankfurt FRA – Oslo Gardermoen OSL
STD-STA: 2120-2325
Actual: 2135-2313
Airbus A320-200 D-AIZY
Gate A24 Seat 2D

Boarding was not announced in the lounge. Instead Lufthansa has a pretty neat app which notifies when your flight is ready for boarding. With the notifications from my app and the scheduled boarding time on my boarding pass, I went to the gates around boarding time as indicated at 2050.

Waiting to board
Waiting to board

Priority boarding was enforced and it was a full flight today that the crew had to inform passengers to place luggage below the seats. Meanwhile, the Captain announced a flight time of around 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Boarding Lufthansa A320
Boarding Lufthansa A320

Safety briefing conducted by the crew manually as the plane made its way to the runway which takes a while in Frankfurt. Business Class for intra-Europe flights is the usual with this flight being operated by an A320, and there was a middle class left empty in the front, with me taking the aisle seat and a seat mate occupying the window seat.

Lufthansa Business Class
Lufthansa Business Class on the A320

Legroom on this seat was more or less standard and even the seats are similar with the slimline design that I do not particularly like. At least it did make for more space by moving the inflight reading materials to the top of the seatback pocket.

Legroom on the seat
Legroom on the seat

After cruising altitude is reached the meal service is served. Supper was slices of chicken tandoori with mustard. There was a pair of minced fish balls coated in sesame with cubed pumpkins with shallot and onions in vinaigrette.

Inflight meal with bread
Inflight meal with bread

Beverage service was offered thereafter. Red and white wines along with beer was available. Still or sparkling water was offered with wines.

Wine and water
Wine and water

A short while later the crew returned with offer for tea and coffee. This was again offered when she collected my tray. To this point of the flight, I do have to mention there was great service from the crew all around, even for this late flight and with a plane full of passengers. For this night flight, I just rested and read my e-magazines for the rest of the journey since there is not much of a view. Which was also why I picked the aisle seat.

Lufthansa Airbus A320
Lufthansa Airbus A320 at Oslo

The flight arrived in Oslo without incident and I was impressed with Oslo’s airport since it was my first time visiting Norway. Arrival for Schengen flights was on the same floor as departure and the warm wood utilized by the airport made a stark contrast from the cold outside.

Waiting area
Waiting area by the gates in Oslo Airport
Inside the airport
Inside Oslo airport

I did not even mind the somewhat long walk to the baggage claim this time round. Like many modern airport nowadays, the duty free shopping is well situated between the escalators and the baggage claim area. This distracted several fellow travellers to stop and purchase some items.

Arrivals Duty-free
Arrivals duty-free shopping

After retrieving my luggage, I exited and bought tickets to board the Flytoget express that would bring me into downtown Oslo. The ticket cost was NOK180 (~$23) and it was not cheap but the fact it was an express train with fast wifi does make it easier for travellers since the journey was just 20 minutes or so.

Arrivals atrium
Arrivals atrium in Oslo Airport with the train ticket counters in the back

This was a routine regional flight in an intra-Europe seating plan without much difference between Business and Economy class. However the service on this flight certainly made all the difference and that is one of the reason Lufthansa is one of my favourite airlines to fly with while in Europe.


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