Val Thorens adds an ‘Escape Room’ game as an Aprés-ski activity

One of France’s largest ski areas, Val Thorens has just launched probably the highest altitude ‘escape room’ activity, as reported by Canadian news website CTV. Escape room games are fun activities for groups where they are supposed to find clues in a closed chamber and successfully ‘escape’ within a fixed duration.

What makes this ‘escape room’ game special is the setting which is said to be held inside the Caron gondola that brings skiers to the peak of Val Thorens with an amazing view over the area. Val Thorens is hosting this activity starting from 27 March until 8 May, when the resort is scheduled to close for the ski season. Several sessions would be available every week which might indicate that the activity is not expected to run everyday. From the report, it is indicated the activity will take place after the ski slopes close and participants are brought up to the base of the Caron gondola on the snow groomers.

Panorama from Cime Caron

While I was not able to find much details of this event from the English website of Val Thorens, the start date of 27 March indicates it will coincide with the Festival Val Tho, that marks the start of Spring Skiing. In addition, the report states the activity is free for groups of 5 to participate though a search of Escape Room games in Val Thorens seems to indicate that the ski resort hosted such a game organized by Escape Box before in 2016 with a fee of EUR 20 per person. Since there are no official details for this yet, I can only hope to update this post if I get any more news on this. ‘

If Val Thorens does indeed organize such an event on their Caron gondola, I would certainly urge skiers to make some time to register at the Tourist Office in Val Thorens as the views from the Caron gondola is one of the best ever of the French Alps. It would also be thumbs up to Val Thorens for adding more aprés-ski fun stuff that is suitable for non-skiers to participate in and enjoy the mountains.


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