Garuda Indonesia ATR72 from Surabaya to Banyuwangi

This flight is a connecting flight I took from Jakarta to get to Banyuwangi, and the first part was not reported as it was a routine flight between Jakarta and Surabaya that was nothing out of the ordinary onboard a 737-800.

Terminal 2 Domestic
Surabaya Juanda Terminal 2 Domestic

Garuda Indonesia utilizes the new Terminal 2 at Surabaya Juanda, even for domestic flights as this is also the International Terminal. The new terminal is definitely a welcome change as it feels brighter inside with shops and fast food joints even before the check-in area. Transiting through from International to Domestic is also easy and convenient if flying on Garuda on the domestic segment.

Premium check-in
Garuda Indonesia premium check-in area

With the Sky Priority lane, I got my boarding pass quickly and the next thing was to head one level up for security check. For a major hub in Indonesia, the security queue was non-existent and then it was into the departure hall.

Domestic check-in
Domestic check-in counters

The departure hall has a couple of boarding gates since it caters to Garuda Indonesia domestic flights only. There is a Starbucks and Burger King inside along with a handful of souvenir stores. Garuda Indonesia also has a lounge airside beside the Starbucks but there is no entry for Sky Team Elite members since I was not connecting to an International flight.

Domestic departure gates
Domestic departure gates area

GA7304 Surabaya Juanda SUB – Banyuwangi Blimbingsari BWX
STD-STA: 1145-1245
Actual: 1152-1235
ATR72-600 PK-GAF
Gate 4 Seat 23H

The ATR 72 - 600
Garuda Indonesia ATR 72 – 600

When boarding was called, it was a leisurely walk out of the gate and down the stairs. There was no bus or anything since the plane is just a few steps aways from the stairs. Unlike other regional jets or turboprops I have taken, boarding the ATR is via the rear staircase with the luggage hold located in the front of the aircraft.

Fuselage of the ATR72
Fuselage of the ATR72 with luggage hold in the front

Inside there is an all-economy class seating with 2-2 seats abreast. Emergency exits are located at the front and rear of the aircraft and the bulkhead seats seems to be the best seats in the whole plane, and seems to be reserved for Garuda Indonesia Platinum members and passengers travelling on Business Class tickets for any connecting flights.

Bulkhead seats
Bulkhead seats
Boarding the ATR jet
Seating configuration on the ATR jet


Economy class seats on the ATR72
Economy class seats on the ATR72

The seats onboard are slim-line style, upholstered in grey leather which indicates the relatively new cabin. Aside from the tray on the seat, there was also a separate cupholder that could be folded out separately. Legroom was somewhat tight as expected for a small turboprop plane.

Legroom with tray table and separate cupholder

The low head clearance of the plane meant that the attendant call button is located overhead between the switches for the lights. Individual air nozzles on this plane would come in handy within tropical Indonesia where the weather is hot all year around.

Overhead controls
Overhead controls

A capacity of only 70 passengers means boarding was quick and delayed only by the necessary photo-taking with the plane (of which I am guilty of myself!)

Preparing for take-off
Preparing for take-off

Just as boarding was about done, it started raining. The timing of the rain could have inconvenienced passengers as there was no shelter between the stairs and the plane. Once boarding was completed, the set of 2 crews performed a safety demonstration of using the life vest and ensured the clearing of loose items from the cabin.

On the runway
On the runway

Take-off was slow but steady with no queueing for the runway. Either it was low season for travel or there just was not that much traffic in the late morning.

Take-off in the rain
Take-off in the rain

The plane has one lavatory at the end just beside the sole galley. For this short flight, the crew went around to distribute a snack box to all passengers. Service began from both ends of the flight which meant it was quick. This is a service consistent with other short-haul Garuda Indonesia flights around one hour in duration or less. Inside, passengers can find a packaged bread, a mixed nuts snack, a refreshing towel and a small bottle of water. It was more than adequate for the short flight and there was no other beverage available.

Safety instruction card
Safety instruction card
Safety instruction card
Safety instruction card


Snack box
Inflight snack box

The southeasterly direction continued until the place made its descent into Banyuwangi. Under clear weather, guests could probably see the island of Bali and the Ijen volcano crater since the ATR 72 flies at a lower altitude.

Flying on the ATR72
Propeller and blue skies
View from the window
View from the window

However the view we had was mainly of the shrimp farms along the coast of Banyuwangi and the rice fields in the fertile valley of east Java.

Coastline of Banyuwangi
Coastline of Banyuwangi dotted with shrimp farms
Descent into Banyuwangi BWX
Descent into Banyuwangi BWX


Arrival into Banyuwangi Airport in Blimbingsari felt like arriving in a tropical island resort since there is a small building that is considered a terminal until the airport completes its upgrading works. Disembarking passengers walk towards the single building to await their luggage or use the toilets and that was about it.

View of the tarmac and plane
View of the tarmac and plane
Garuda ATR72
Garuda ATR72 at Banyuwangi Blimbingsari


Getting to fly in Garuda Indonesia’s smallest jet was a treat and this is part of Garuda’s effort to spearhead its strategy of linking Indonesia’s many islands and small towns that would otherwise take a long time via land transport. This means that visitors looking to explore new island destinations and find remote beach and nature vacation spots would have much more choices! And judging from the majority of passengers on this flight which were taking photos, they seems to be tourists visiting Banyuwangi for the first time!

Walking to the terminal
Walking to the terminal

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