British Airways First Class from $3,200 between Budapest and US West Coast

British Airways seems to offer the cheapest airfares for travel from Europe to North America right now, which could be a result of the dropping Pound. In their premium cabins, they offer fares between $2,000-3,000 frequently for Business Class flights from Europe to both North America and the United States.

Though, I discovered that flying out of Budapest, Hungary to San Francisco with British Airways can be quite a good value with prices as low as $3,140 (HUF799,400/~EUR2,610) with taxes inclusive. The flights from Budapest to London Heathrow is on the Airbus A320, while the long-haul flights between London Heathrow and San Francisco is on either the 777 or 747. Other routings seems available via various connecting points in the United States such as Los Angeles (LAX), Chicago (ORD) or New York (JFK). The other best alternatives seems to be via Los Angeles where British Airways flies the Airbus A380 or their new 787s from. Alternatively, passengers could also fly American Airlines First Class on the A321s between San Francisco and New York (JFK) and take American Airlines 777 to London from New York.

For those looking to depart from other destinations, flying out of Athens, Greece is slightly more expensive at around EUR3,075 (~$3,700), with similar choices for routings.

Granted that British Airways First Class is not the most spectacular and neither is British Airways rated highly amongst the world’s best airlines, but this is still a slight premium from Business Class which is retailing for around $2,500-2,600. The better amenities, food, beverages and lounges in London Heathrow could certainly make this a better value overall as this is a premium I might be willing to fork out for.

British Airways 777
British Airways 777 in LHR

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