Buy a pair of Skis and get up to 30,000 bonus Lufthansa Miles

For the month of February up till 28th Feb, buyers could get up to 30,000 miles for free when they buy a range of items from the Lufthansa WorldShop. Though this specifically applies to the portal only. Since this is a blog that talks about skiing, miles and travel, I was intrigued by the fact that Lufthansa WorldShop retails some skis and at a decent price as well.

For example, there is the Head Supershape i.Rally with PRX 12 bindings that retails for EUR749 (~$800), when the same set of skis retails for $999 on On top of the $100 or so savings, buyers could get 25,000 Lufthansa Miles and More miles that is worth somewhere in the range of $300-$500, depending on how you value them. For example, to get the same amount of miles, you could either fly Lufthansa from Europe to South East Asia on Business class for a return trip or transfer 20,000 SPG points which could be purchased for a bit more than $500 at times.

Head Supershape i.Rally skis
Head Supershape i.Rally 2017 skis. Picture from Head’s product website

On a side note, the Head Supershape i.Rally skis does have pretty good reviews too, receiving an overall test score of 7.9 out of 10.0 from Ski Canada Magazine. The review rates it as a ski best for “mostly groomers with an option of ripping off-piste” and a reviewer rates it as a “powerful ski on the groomers and would ski nice in a racecourse, yet playful in the bumps.”

If you might be interested to take advantage of this deal, do note that purchases from the WorldShop can only be delivered within the EU and Switzerland (for certain items, exceptions apply). Deliveries can be done within 7 working days and if you have any plans to ski in Europe, it might be worthwhile to purchase a ski and save on the rental cost as well. Another drawback is that there are not plenty of choices for skis though there are a selection of other items that might catch your fancy.

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