Grand Hyatt Shanghai – a Hotel Review

A taxi ride from Pudong Airport to the hotel which is located inside Jin Mao Tower was quick and costs less than RMB200 (~$29), and I was dropped off at the porch on the first floor. While there was supposed to be a bell desk in the ground floor porch, it was quite empty when I arrived near midnight. Having been here before, I knew that I needed to go up to the 54th floor for the lobby and reception.

From the top floor
From the top floor of the Grand Hyatt Shanghai

Its location in one of the tallest skyscrapers in Shanghai does pose some obstacles in getting in and out though the lobby was quite empty when I arrived so late at night. Upon checking in, I enquired if I could get a room with a river view. Surprisingly, the front desk agent obliged and moved me to a nicer room from what I had reserved. Aside from the reception desk, the Grand Cafe and a Business centre is located on the same floor.

Reception lobby
Reception lobby on the 54th floor

Room No: 7413 Category: View King Room

Being assigned a room on the 74th floor, it was a relatively high floor with 85 being the top floor where Club Jin Mao and the Cloud Nine lounge is located at. The hotel also has a Grand Club lounge at the 82nd floor. Since I am no longer a top tier Hyatt member, I was glad to have an upgraded room, but Hyatt top tier members could expect to have lounge access with a nice view!

Elevator lobby
Elevator lobby

Hotel layout

Entering the room, guests are greeted with a long foyer where the closet and minibar line the right length of the foyer. There are a couple of tea cups and tea bags on the shelf above the minibar.

Foyer to the Bedroom
Foyer to the bedroom with the closet on the right
Minibar and tea set

Further in lies a King-sized bed with a majestic head board with a classic Chinese calligraphy. This main feature of the room certainly adds a visual impact. The bedroom itself has plush carpeting and feels very spacious. With the room having an uneven layout, the designer have taken advantage of the angular shape of the building and maximized the view from each room. There is an armchair and side table placed at the corner to be used for lounging with a nice view outside.

King Bund View Bedroom
King Bund View bedroom

Along the wall, there is a TV console with adequate drawers and cabinet space. There is also a glass work desk and a comfortable armchair. Another feature I appreciated was the power points beside the work desk that makes it convenient to use my laptop and charge my devices.

Work space
Work space and TV console

The door to the bathroom is located beside the bed, facing the window. Inside was another spacious bathroom with a huge bathtub encased in marble and a walk-in shower. This is a hallmark of a luxury hotel and the toilet is located in a separate cubicle at the end with its own door. The bathroom vanity counter is a one-piece glass bowl.

Marble in the bathroom
Marble in the bathroom
Separate toilet room
Separate toilet room

With the nice bathroom, there was also a complete set of amenities to match. As usual the toiletries are June Jacobs branded while there was a wooden tray under the vanity counter with a neat stack of boxed amenities from toothbrushes to disposable shavers.

June Jacobs amenity
June Jacobs amenity
Neatly arranged amenities
Neatly arranged amenities

As I arrived late night, I was a bit hungry and called for room service. At the same time I filled in my order for room service breakfast. For my supper I ordered Shengjian bao or a pan-fried soup dumplings and it came with a saucer of vinegar for the dip. It was tasty and of good quality.

Shengjian Bao 生煎包
Shengjian bao 生煎包 for supper

Breakfast was a Chinese set that comprises of dough fritters, rice porridge with several condiments, Shanghainese fried noodles, a basket of assorted dim sums and a fruit plate. Included was a pot of coffee with a glass of soy milk. This was a traditional Chinese breakfast that I enjoyed and is quite authentic.

Chinese breakfast platter
Chinese breakfast platter

The next morning, I had some time to enjoy the view from the room even though it was quite cloudy. I also spent some time doing some routine exercise in the fitness centre.

Room view
View from the bedroom

The Club Oasis fitness centre is located on the 57th floor. Even though the fitness centre is quite compact, there was space for several treadmills in a corner room, place for weights, drinks dispenser and several gym machines.

Fitness centre
Fitness centre

Beside the fitness centre there is a small studio with yoga mats and gym balls. Generally it was a very complete fitness centre and should satisfy the needs of all guests. It was quite well utilized in the early morning and this could be due to the muggy weather where most guests exercising would just stay indoors.

Fitness studio
Fitness studio

The hotel also has a large indoor heated swimming pool located around the corner on the same floor as the fitness centre. The bad part was the slightly long walk around the corridor that overlooks the atrium lounge but the swimming pool is a nice space for a couple of laps.

Indoor swimming pool
Indoor swimming pool

Other amenities inside the hotel includes several restaurants on the 56th floor along with a bar. There is also a Canton restaurant located on the 55th floor with tables overlooking the Grand Cafe and the lobby. In the day, the lobby can be quite busy with guests checking in and out in the small space. There are also plenty of tourists and visitors around the lounge area checking out the view. Even then they do have plenty of staff around to help out with the guests’ needs.

Canton Restaurant
Canton restaurant on the 55th floor

To sum it up, the hotel is pretty impressive and with rates of around RMB1,800 to 2,200 ($261 to $321) it is not cheap. I was able to book this hotel with a cash and points rate of 7,500 Hyatt points with $100 in paid rate. If I was paying a full rate, I might have looked at other choices like the Park Hyatt which is newer and located just beside the Grand Hyatt. While the hotel is quite old, the rooms was still quite well maintained though I would have expected a refurbished room for the rate they are asking. My suggestion is to give the Grand Hyatt a pass unless the rates in Park Hyatt are much more expensive. Instead, I find the Hyatt on the Bund across the river to be more suitable for my needs.

Room corridors
Room corridors overlooking the atrium

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