Garuda Indonesia 737-800 Economy Class from Yogyakarta to Jakarta

Boarding the 737-800
Boarding the 737-800, photo was from another flight

This would be a very concise review of a standard short-haul domestic trip onboard Garuda Indonesia’s Boeing 737-800. What made it interesting was the plane is one of the remaining few older ones with no entertainment screen on the seat back. Boarding for this flight was also delayed due to heavy rains that resulted in late disembarkation for the passengers from the incoming flight. The reason was due to the lack of a jet-bridge and limited umbrellas that had to be rotated amongst departing and arriving passengers.

GA219 Yogyakarta Adisutjipto JOG – Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta CGK
STD-STA: 1925-2040
Actual: 2000-2059
Boeing 737-800 PK-GEN
Gate 4 Seat 26B

As I mentioned each passenger was given an umbrella and had to walk across the tarmac to board the waiting aircraft. It was a wet walk under the heavy rain though passengers had little choice. Boarding the aircraft late night, it was kind of depressing to see the older seats and tired looking cabin.

Old Economy Class seats
Old Economy Class seats

However the service onboard was still carried out with gusto by the crew that passed around candies and welcomed passengers. Since it was the older style planes, there was retractable monitors that came down to play the safety videos and provide inflight entertainment.

Overhead monitors
Overhead monitors

Initially I took the middle seat to allow my friend who was travelling with me to take the aisle seat. The other seat which should be a window seat has no view out though. Row 26 seems to be one of those seats without an aligned window. By luck, the flight was quite empty and the so-called window seat remains empty. In fact there was plenty of rows that remained empty for this last flight of the day out of Yogyakarta to Jakarta.

Windowless seat
Windowless seat on row 26
Boarding the 737-800
Boarding the 737-800

That meant I was able to switch to a real window seat on another row and capture some moments of the rainy weather outside the plane. This was, of course done after the plane’s door have been closed to signal the completion of the boarding process.

Rainy weather
Rainy weather at Yogyakarta

After that, the rest of the flight was pretty uneventful and aside from reading the inflight magazine, there was not much else to do. Unless passengers are tuned into the inflight entertainment that was playing on the overhead monitors. The flight included headphones as usual but I was not keen to watch the show.

Colours magazine
Colours magazine onboard Garuda Indonesia

For this short flight, Garuda provides a snack box just like the usual route between Bandar Lampung (TKG) and Jakarta (CGK). On this somewhat longer flight, passengers are also asked for a beverage of their choice even though the snack box includes a small cup of mineral water. The choice was between a couple of juices and water only. There was no hot beverages for this late and short flight.

Snack box
Snack box for the short flight

Ultimately, we were delayed a little bit arriving into Jakarta but there was not much air traffic and the landing was quite direct. This short flight was average and I was alright with the older plane that had no personal inflight entertainment. Even the snack box did its job and I appreciated the additional choices of drinks even if there was not a wide choice available. The purpose of this review was meant to show that Garuda still flies a couple of these older planes on short haul routes so that passengers booked on their domestic flights should not be too surprised. On the other hand, I would certainly mind if these were on my longer flights across the archipelago.


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