Bolero Lounge in Warsaw Chopin Airport

Magazine shelf
Magazine shelves in the Bolero Lounge

There are 2 lounge for Business class passengers to use while transiting with LOT in Warsaw Chopin airport. One is the LOT Polish lounge before the Schengen passport check and another is the Bolero lounge after passport check for international departures. Since I had plenty of time before my connecting flight, I checked into the LOT Polish operated lounge first, and with the review of this lounge conducted once before, I would not write about it again, though would add some new photos of the LOT Polish lounge and its food offerings.

LOT Polish lounge
Inside the LOT Polish lounge within the Schengen departure area

I had some snacks in the LOT Polish lounge and decided to head over to the Bolero lounge, where there is another passport check before leaving the Schengen region for an international flight. Fortunately there was no queue though the immigration guy seems confused about my travels. It took a while before he figured it out and cleared me through.

Entrance to the lounge
Entrance to the Bolero lounge for international departures

The lounge was easy to find with signs and located one floor down. This meant a different view from the LOT Polish lounge which is located one floor up from the main floor. In fact the LOT Polish lounge has no view whatsoever. And the Bolero lounge also functions as a contract lounge to several international airlines flying into Warsaw.

Airlines using the Bolero lounge
Airlines using the Bolero lounge

There is a lounge reception by the door of the lounge and I was let in after showing my boarding pass. Next to the reception counter there is several workstation cubicles with a green wall.

Workstations with a green wall

Compared to the LOT Polish lounge, the Bolero lounge is definitely smaller. There is a bar area right beside the workstations with the lounge chairs spread across from the bar.

Lounge foyer
Lounge foyer from the workstation
Bar counter
Bar counter

The lounge area can be split into 3 sections with the main central section located between the tarmac and the windows. By the windows there is another lounge section.

Lounge interior
Lounge interior

Finally, there is another section at the end close to the bathroom and shower area. This section has some dining tables and another bar setup. There is a flight information display in the middle section and the lounge was generally quite full in the afternoon with not much free seating space. Lone travellers would probably need to share if heading to this lounge in the afternoon.

Viewing the flight information
Central lounge section with flight information display

As I mentioned, there is a shower area and bathroom at the end of the lounge. The area is nicely appointed with the bathroom sinks being the first space upon entering. There is natural light in the bathroom sinks as it faces the tarmac.

Bathroom sinks
Bathroom sinks

Beyond that there is a shower room that offers guests privacy. I like the shower room here better than the one in the LOT Polish lounge. It just seems brighter with a spacious walk-in shower equipped with a rain shower. It also has its own sink and toilet.

Shower room
Shower room in the Bolero lounge

In terms of food, I think both are about the same in terms of quality and variety. There are a couple of hot food like quiches and bacon rolls along with one type of soup. Given that the timing is between lunch and dinner, there was enough for a snack.

Quiche and bacon roll
Quiche and bacon roll
Soup pot
Soup pot and condiments

This lounge also has the sweet chocolate wafers and other snacks which was more or less similar to the one in the LOT Polish lounge.

Chocolates and snacks
Chocolates and snacks

For beverages there are the usual juices, iced tea and water in a jug along with some salad and yogurts in the fridge.

Juice and tea
Juice and tea

A selection of wines and liquors are displayed by the bar and free for guests to consume. There is also chilled beer and soft drinks in the fridge below the buffet counter.

Wine and liquors
Wine and liquors
Beer in the fridge
Beer in the fridge

Compared to the LOT Polish lounge, the Bolero Executive Lounge feels more or less similar. With more guetss in the smaller footprint, it can get quite crowded inside. The fact that it is a contract lounge serving multiple airlines and open to pass users, they offer adequate food and beverage but it can be a bit of a squeeze and for that I suggest passengers with a long layover to head to the LOT Polish lounge instead since the food and beverages are about the same.

Inside the lounge
Dining section at the end of the lounge

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