Junior Suite at Sheraton Zurich

Corner nook
Corner nook in the Junior Suite of Sheraton Zurich

In Zurich, I stayed one night at the Sheraton Zurich, which I reviewed on my last visit to this city. Even though the hotel was located slightly out of town, it was accessible via tram from the Hauptbahnhof with the tram stopping directly outside the hotel. I would not elaborate once again for a full review since the service was similar to what I experienced the last time but because I was upgraded to a junior suite, I would post some photos of the suite in this post.

Reception lobby
Reception lobby

With the rectangular floor plan, there are 4 junior suites located at the corner of each floor.

Room location
Room location on the floor plan

Room No: 504 Category: Junior Suite

Bathroom interior
Bathroom interior

The junior suite has a long corridor by the entrance, with the bathroom being the first room one sees. The bathroom is unique in layout with no toilet. There is the vanity counter by the door and a small ledge across from the vanity where a basket of essential toiletries are provided for guests.

Cabinet in the bathroom
Storage ledge in the bathroom
Toiletries kit
Toiletries kit in the basket

At the end, there is a walk-in shower area and a bathtub with a glass partition. There is no need for a glass door as the walk-in shower is deep enough and the bath features a rain-shower too. The usual Mandarin and Mint scented bath amenities are included by the vanity counter.

Rainshower with bathtub beside

The toilet is situated in an adjacent chamber which I like to think as a powder room, making it easier for other occupants in the room to use the toilet when the shower is in use. There is even a small sink that guests could use inside this room.

Powder room
Powder room with toilet

Moving to the proper bedroom itself, there is a King bed placed next to the wall, facing the wraparound windows. However this view is obstructed by a pillar. The designer has placed the work desk around this pillar

Entry into the suite
Junior suite at Sheraton Zurich

On the desk, there lies a visitors’ guide book, note pad, LED desk lamp, telephone and an iPhone dock. Two bottles of still water was also placed there. With my access to the club lounge, I could always get more bottles of water if necessary.

Stationery on the desk
Amenities on the desk

What I did not like about the suite was that the flatscree TV was wall mounted facing the pillar which makes it difficult to see it from the bed. Guests have to tilt it outwards but even then the viewing angle was not optimum. In that respect, the normal room was better if guests like to watch TV from the bed.

Suite interior
Suite interior with pillar and TV mount

What I did like though was the corner nook where it is nice to spend the evening watching the trains and traffic by the window. The extra seating space on the bay window ledge was comfortably furnished with pillows and cushions.

There is also the walk-in closet at the corner with its own window, making this suite very nice. An ironing board inside the closet makes it suitable for an extended stay.

Walk-in closet
Walk-in closet

The corner location of the suite also provides a nice view with the train tracks on one side and the view of the mountains and the river on the other side. Being located by the train tracks the room can get a bit noisy, so do keep that in mind when requesting a quiet room.

City view
City and mountain view from the room

With the Club Lounge access, I had some appetizers on the evening I arrived. I figured I would cover it here as I did not partake in the hors d’oeuvre on my last visit. The evening fare includes some soup, assorted vegetables, cheese, ham and grilled paprika that would make a nice snack. It may also count as a light dinner for guests who are lazy to get out since there are also some dessert in the beverage fridge.

Squash soup
Squash soup in the club lounge
Salad and cheese
Salad and cheese selection
Hors d'oeuvre
Hors d’oeuvre in the Club Lounge
Desserts and beverages
Desserts and beverages

Since I have written about my dining experience before for breakfast, I would not cover it again here. However I would add some photos of the hotel facilities like the fitness centre.

Treadmills in the fitness centre
Treadmills in the fitness centre

Being a newly built hotel, the fitness centre is a modern space with new equipments. There is a nice studio for yoga and other fitness regimes too.

Yoga studio
Yoga studio
Fitness centre
Fitness centre

With both upgrades during my stay at the Sheraton in Zurich, treatment for SPG Platinum guests are exemplary. The service is also up to the usual Swiss standards which means it is one of the best Sheratons I have visited though note that it comes with the high Swiss prices as well. Though in my experience, the Sheraton Zurich is usually cheaper as it is outside the city centre. And for this one night stay, I paid a rate of CHF 127 (~$133). For this rate that was equivalent to the one in my hotel in Visp, it was quite good value for money. And I would totally recommend the Sheraton Zurich considering how convenient it was to reach the city centre via tram. There is also a convenience store in the office complex beside the Sheraton Zurich which should be great for hotel guests to grab snacks and drinks.

TV in the lounge
TV in the lounge

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