Balcony View at the Sheraton Neues Schloss in Zurich

Since I would be leaving Switzerland from Zurich, I made my way to the financial capital once again. Getting to Zurich from Zermatt involves a change of train at Visp once again, and taking the late afternoon train out of the ski resort, I arrived in Zurich after a nearly 4 hour journey at Zurich’s Hauptbahnhof. From there I took an Uber to the Sheraton Neues Schloss which is located right in the city centre, compared to the Sheraton Zurich that I stayed previously which was in a commercial suburb.

Hotel exterior
Sheraton Neues Schloss in Zürich

Warm welcome during the check in with the receptionist coming down the stairs to help me with the luggage as there are no ramps or elevators, but a few steps of stairs greet guests on entering the small lobby. The hotel itself is a short building of not more than 5 storey tall and thus it has a very unassuming entrance.

Reception desk
Reception desk

The front desk agent mentioned to me about an upgrade for me and asked me if I would like the bonus points or the breakfast. As the hotel is located in the city centre, I figured I would get breakfast in one of the cafes, and opted for the points. I also obtained a map of the city and asked for suggestions on where to grab some dinner before I got my room key and proceed to take the elevator just across from the reception. Along with the room key, I was also provided with drinks voucher at the hotel bar and a discount voucher for dining at the hotel’s bar and restaurant – Le Jardin Suisse.

Corner Junior Suite
Corner junior suite floor plan

Room No: 303 Category: Executive Corner Room with Balcony

View from the entrance
Foyer by the entrance

My room was situated at the end of the corridor and this is one of the rooms that could be combined with the adjoining room to create a 2-bedroom suite. There is a small foyer with a large wall mirror on entering the room and there is a door leading to the bathroom on the right.

Bathroom with tub
Renovated bathroom with tub

The bathroom is spacious and very well appointed with a large bathtub and shower combination that has a glass partition. While not my preferred type of bathroom setup, it was clean and nice so I was satisfied. The toilet and vanity counter is beside the bathtub and a whole range of Sheraton bath amenities are provided including mouthwash and a shower sponge by the bathtub. This is more complete than the amenities in the usual Sheraton hotels.

Sheraton amenities
Sheraton bath amenities

Back out in the foyer there is a wardrobe and a luggage bench at the end of the foyer before entering the main bedroom space. There is a large work desk but some of the space in the desk is used to store the Nespresso machine and the capsule holder. One thing I miss about travelling is my cup of Nespresso in the morning that I have every day when at home, so seeing this machine always makes me happy!

Nespresso machine
Nespresso machine in the suite

Above the desk, there is a flatscreen TV and across from the desk is a King-size bed that was plush. Beside the bed there is a lounge chair with a small circular side table. The whole bedroom was spacious because there was a wide door that leads to the balcony.

King bed
King bed in the room

Arriving at night, I found that the hotel had already provided a fruit plate that was placed on the side table. There was a large bottle of water along with a handwritten welcome note. Finally on the bed, there was a turndown amenity of some peppermint candy. It was a nice touch to receive all the additional amenities to make a guest feel welcomed.

Welcome fruit platter
Welcome fruit platter
Peppermint turndown amenity
Peppermint turndown amenity

As an SPG member, internet was complimentary and there are also workstations in the lobby for guests to use when they do not have their own computer. Though I did notice a somewhat slow internet connection especially when streaming videos online.

View of the Park Hyatt
View of the Park Hyatt from the balcony

The highlight of this upgrade though was the large wrap-around balcony. There was a table and some deck chairs outside and the pleasant weather even in winter makes it a very nice spot to unwind when inside the room. The view of the room at the corner faces the Park Hyatt hotel diagonally across it and the heritage building across the street.

Balcony in the suite
Balcony in the suite

With the drinks voucher, I used it to get a drink from the bar when I checked out and I was provided with a bowl of mixed nuts with the drink, which I got to enjoy as I relaxed in the lobby lounge. There is also a workstation with an attached printer at the lobby for guests to print some documents.

Lobby bar and lounge
Lobby bar and lounge

There is also an on-site restaurant serving Swiss specialties called Le Jardin Suisse. The restaurant’s entrance via the door beside the reception desk.

Le Jardin Suisse
Restaurant Le Jardin Suisse in the hotel premises

For this stay, I redeemed 6,000 Starpoints with a fixed rate of $110, which I found to be much more palatable than paying a rate of more than CHF350 for the one night stay. Since there is a couple of other SPG properties in Zurich, I stayed here because of the other Sheraton was also showing higher prices and lack of any Starpoints redemption options. With the cash and points rate, I thought it was somewhat good value to stay in the city centre and be of walking distance to the lake side. The rooms here was also impeccable though guests requiring a hotel will other amenities will find it disappointing. Guests who need a fitness centre and a club lounge might enjoy the stay at Sheraton Zurich better.

Stockerstrasse view
Stockerstrasse night view from the Sheraton Neues Schloss

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