Swiss Hospitality at Hotel Visperhof

Reception desk
Reception desk at Hotel Visperhof

Heading towards Switzerland for the next part of my ski vacation in the Alps, I made a one night stay at Visp since it takes a bus ride to Moutiers, and long train ride with one interchange at Geneva before I reach Visp at night. I figured I would stay overnight at Visp before continuing into Zermatt the next day. While on the train ride to Visp, I received an e-mail from the hotel reception noting that the reception will be empty from 10:30pm onwards and my room key have been left on the reception desk with instructions on the number to dial to open the door for access into the hotel.

Town plaza
Town plaza outside Hotel Visperhof

I chose Hotel Visperhof because of its proximity to the railway station as it is just across from Visp station and I found it easily even arriving around 11pm. The hotel has a small seating area by the entrance with a few chairs and there is a narrow walkway leading to a small reception desk. A door leads to the pub and restaurant in the lobby that is also open to the public. There is a small elevator beside the reception desk leading to the rooms.

Entrance lobby
Entrance lobby lounge

On the night I arrived, some guests were seated in the lobby and they helped to open the door for me seeing I had a few luggage on me. I grabbed my room keys left in the reception as per the e-mail and head up to my room for a night’s of rest.

Floor plan
Floor plan of the hotel

Room No: 444 Category: Single Standard

Entering the room, it was just what I expected. A small room with a single bed, which is the one that I had reserved. Small as it may be, the interior is clean and well kept. Near the window, there is an open clothes hanger and a closet. Beside it, there is a standing lamp. Across from the closet, there is a wall mounted flatscreen TV over the heater.

Standard guest room
Standard single guest room

The bed itself is a standard single bed since I had booked this room for single occupancy. Single occupancy rooms are quite common across Europe which makes it cheaper for single travellers.

Single bed
Single bed in the room

A moderate size table is situated across the bed and there was a bottled water and an apple on a plate prepared for me. It was nice to have a bottle of water prepared at night.

Desk with bottled water
Desk with bottled water and apple

Beside the entrance door, there is a bright and clean bathroom with a shower cubicle. While not large, the bathroom was a decent size and I did not feel claustrophobic inside. I also like it has a shower area with a glass door.

Shower cubicle
Shower cubicle

Amenities in the bathroom was a wall-mounted 3-in-1 shampoo which I did not use. This meant some of the toiletries I obtained from my previous hotel stay could be used here.

Wall mounted shampoo
Wall mounted shampoo

What I really liked about the hotel was the care they thought of for the guests. This included a nice turndown amenity of Haribo gummy bears. There was also ear plugs beside the bed which guests could use.

Gummy bears
Gummy bears
Stationery and phone
Stationery and phone, the hotel provides ear plugs for guests as well

Since I arrived late night, there was not much in terms of view. But the next morning, the view from my room was not bad as it faces the train station. I figured that might be one reason for the ear plugs. Guests could also see the mountains around Visp.

View from the bedroom
View from the bedroom

More views could be obtained from the rooftop deck which is accessible from the restaurant located on the same floor. Breakfast was included in my room rate and the buffet was served in the restaurant which was quite empty when I visited around 8:30am.

Rooftop restaurant
Rooftop restaurant

The breakfast spread was alright considering I was expecting something less being in a small town hotel. There was sunny side-up eggs and scrambled eggs, a wide choice of ham, smoked salmon and cheese.

Eggs in the buffet
Eggs in two ways in the breakfast buffet
Charcuterie selection
Salmon and cheese
Salmon and cheese

There are also healthy options like yogurt and muesli which is quite common in Germany and Switzerland and one of my favourite breakfast treats when in this region. Several cereal options are also available as are toast and bread which is common to all breakfast buffet. The hotel also provides a wide selection of condiments and preserves to add to the toast.

Yogurt and Muesli
Yogurt and muesli
Cereal choice
Cereal choice
Buns and toast
Buns and toast

It was definitely a great breakfast that met my expectation. It may not be a fancy breakfast buffet but it was nice enough to start the day with. Especially when they have Ovomaltine in addition to an espresso machine in the restaurant. Being a small town hotel, there is no other facilities that I know of except for the Tiziano’s pub and restaurant on the lobby floor.

Eggs, croissant and muesli
Eggs, croissant and muesli

For the one night stay, I paid a rate of CHF105 (~$119) which is not cheap. It was however cheaper than spending in excess of $200 for a night in a similar property in Zermatt. Furthermore, I think the level of amenities provided by the hotel does match up to the price point and this probably represents a sort of Swiss hospitality in that guests can expect some neat stuff even in the smallest Swiss towns.


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