Special Edition Frequent Flyer Cards

As someone who enjoys flying and travelling, I am a member of numerous frequent flyer membership. After all nearly all of the frequent flyer memberships are free to join. A few years back, Garuda Indonesia created a special version of their Frequent Flyer card to celebrate them becoming the official global airline partner of Liverpool Football Club. Perhaps not many people physically bring their frequent flyer card anymore but the newly designed cards could be something that Liverpool football fans would like to have and it certainly adds some goodwill points to passengers like me as it adds some variety to plain old boring plastic cards.

Garuda Indonesia GFF special edition ‘Liverpool Football Club’ card. Image from Garuda Indonesia

Recently, Turkish Airlines has revolved its advertising around the blockbuster movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Turkish Airlines won my approval when they had the Kobe vs. Messi advertisement which gave the airline a fun and sporty image. This time their advertising includes a special edition frequent flyer card that should be worth collecting. Members of Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles could log into their account online from March 25th onwards and request for the limited edition card with their name and membership number to be mailed to them and the promotion is valid till the end of 2016.

Limited edition Miles & Smiles card. Image from Turkish Airlines

While there might be added cost outlay, I think there is a value for travellers to remember a particular airline’s name as they collect their frequent flyer cards. Now I am just wondering if this is a trend that other airlines would follow, and whether they are appreciated as a whole by frequent flyers?

Turkish Airlines’ website advertising in conjuction with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Image from Turkish Airlines

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