LOT Polish 787 Business Class Toronto to Warsaw

Business Class Cabin
LOT Business Class on the 787

Boarding was not called for in the lounge and I made my way out of the lounge slightly earlier to check out the other parts of the terminal, since it will be my first international flight out of YYZ. The terminal is a pleasant space with free internet, and lots of shops. There are even celebrity restaurants inside as I spot a Lee Restaurant opened by one of Canada’s celebrity chef Susur Lee. There are also lounges with free iPads to use where passengers could also order drinks from the bar at the terminal. In essence, there are nice facilities for passengers without lounge access in Toronto Pearson.

When I arrived by the gate, I had time to take a photo of the plane before boarding the flight, and with the priority boarding in effect, it was nice to have the time to board first.

LOT Polish Boeing 787
LOT Polish Boeing 787 in Toronto Pearson

LO046 Toronto Pearson YYZ – Warsaw Chopin WAW
STD-STA: 2145-1205
Actual: 2200-1149
Boeing 787-8 SP-LRA
Gate E72 Seat 3A

LOT has a pretty small business class section with only 3 rows of 6 seats in a 2-2-2 configuration. My first time landing into Warsaw meant I picked the window seat and it was quite nearly a full flight while the celebrity I spotted at the Maple Leaf Lounge was seated in row 1. The seat itself was similar to the lie flat seats China Southern uses on the 787 and what Air China installs on the A330. There was a nice pillow on the seat along with what looks like a cloth which I suppose is for the seat cover while sleeping. Where other Business Class provides a quilt and comforter, LOT provides a tablecloth for the seat cover, go figure!

Business Class seat
Business Class seat with pillow and cloth on the seat

The lacklustre seat is followed by an ‘ignore’ session as boarding continued since there are still some passengers boarding the premium cabin. There was no welcome drink offered and no hot towels either. For the record, I was not shown to my seat either. There was also this lone plate of canapes which I am not sure belongs to my seat mate or for me but it did not look that safe to eat so I just passed until it was eventually taken after boarding was complete.

Legroom on the seat
Legroom in the Business Class seat

Inflight menu was given out and meal orders were taken after boarding is complete. Meanwhile a very small amenity kit was distributed after pullback. The pouch and the contents feels more like what Singapore Airlines used to give out to their economy class passengers. Again somewhat lacking and they might as well skip it altogether.

Amenity kit
Amenity kit

Maybe it was just not my day in travelling but the disappointment extended to the entertainment system that needed a reboot. And after take-off, there was lots of passenger announcements and advertisements to prevent passengers from enjoying the video. The only good thing was that the take-off was quick and there was no delay at all.

Inflight entertainment remote
LOT Polish inflight entertainment remote

Inflight entertainment was decent at least, with an average selection. There is a nice screen with a remote below the armrest which makes sense since the monitor is a distance to negate any touch screen capability.

Inflight magazines
LOT inflight magazine

Hot towels was finally distributed before the meal service but it was a really thin towel. Meanwhile, I started watching the movie ‘SPY’ for entertainment while waiting for the meal service. The meal started with a small ramekin of cashew nuts. For beverage, I had a glass of coke and the black currant juice which I enjoyed.

Coke and nuts
Drinks and nuts

The rest of the menu was as follow:

Menu front cover

Food and meal menu

Champagne introduction

Wine list

Wine and Mead

Beverage list

Tea and coffee

The meal service started with the placement of salad, condiments and the cutlery set. A short while later the crew came back with the soup. Broccoli cream soup as appetizer was great and the salad was not bad either even if the portion is a bit small.

Salad and condiments
Starter meal service
Broccoli cream soup
Broccoli cream soup

Main course was the one that I did not like. While portions were good, the presentation of the dish was bad with a dry piece of cod. Furthermore, the cod just didn’t feel as fresh and I did not finish it.

Seared cod with Lyonnaise potatoes
Seared cod with Lyonnaise potatoes

I had just the Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream for dessert (other option was strawberry), and while there was no variety of desserts, at least the ice cream is enjoyable.

Haagen Dazs Ice cream
Haagen-Dazs ice cream for dessert

After dessert the crew offered aperitifs and polish mead I think, which I declined as I just felt like sleeping then. So I head to the restroom to brush my teeth and get ready for bedtime. When I exited the restroom, nearly all the crew was congregated there and basically blocked the galley as they were peddling the duty free. The crew’s attitude just made this flight feel very cheap, as passengers are not cared for, while they seems more intent on getting the passengers to part with more money.

Seat on full lie flat with cover
Seat converted to a bed

LOT provide a seat mattress cover that looks like a tablecloth and a blanket was also available. I set up the seat into a bed but because of the thin seat cover, it did not make for the best lie-flat bed in a Business Class. Still, I managed to sleep quite soundly considering I was quite tired and only woke up to the clutter of utensils when the passengers in row 2 started breakfast.

View over Continental Europe
Morning over Scandinavia

Another thing to note was that the windows on this flight seems to be controlled by the crew and even though some passengers were still sleeping, the morning sunshine have streamed into the whole cabin. That allowed me to take some photos as we flew over Europe. Being seated in row 3 also allowed me to capture photos of the wing and engines with the blue skies as a background.

Rolls Royce engines
Rolls Royce engines on the 787

Cabin crew came around with hot towel before breakfast, though I noticed crew did not really wake passengers up for breakfast. Again it seems to be a nonchalant attitude to service, with just the minimal notions being carried out. Do not expect any smiles either from these grumpy crew.

Towel service
Hot towel before breakfast

I got the hot option for breakfast and asked for a Cappuccino for my hot drinks. During this time my seatmate woke up too and asked for the same. And we started chatting.

Breakfast service
Crepes with fruits (or pancakes)

My main course arrived first and in my mind it was not crepes as it was more like McDonald’s Hotcakes breakfast served with fruits. Not a bad thing since I do enjoy a McDonald’s breakfast at times as a guilty pleasure. So the breakfast was definitely more enjoyable than dinner.

Cup of Cappuccino

While the breakfast service continued with warm croissants passed around the cabin with the tiny packets of nutella. Again another thumbs up for them. Then I continued my conversation with my seatmate over breakfast. Turns out my seatmate was connecting to Kiev for work and he was in the insurance management business, so go figure!

Croissant and Nutella
Croissant and nutella spread

Descent was wonderful since it was a pretty good weather and I hadn’t keep track of the route we took as I mistook the coast I saw as France. Turns out we passed by Scandinavia instead.

Inflight map
Flight map showing the route we took

The beautiful weather over continental Europe continued so maybe the pilot just chose to fly over an area with nice weather. It was nice to see the vast plains and tracts of farmland surrounding the city of Warsaw. I even got to see the skyline of the city in the distance, which is nice. Eventually though, I am taking another flight to Zurich and that means I will not get to explore Warsaw.

Farmlands of Poland
Descent into Poland
Highway to Warsaw
Skyline of Warsaw during landing

Our plane made it way to park at the gate without much spotting opportunities in this relatively quiet airport. Aside from other LOT planes, there was little else to see. The only other interesting sight was the other LOT 787 that we parked beside.

LOT Boeing 787
Another LOT Polish 787

As I alighted the plane, I proceed to the passport control where a huge queue awaited me at the Schengen immigration as there seems to be a Chinese tour group coming in prior to our arrival. Though our early arrival into Warsaw meant I had no worry on catching the next flight, but it did take me at least 40 minutes to pass through the immigration and there was only the usual questions asked over the counter.

My flight from Toronto
Boeing 787 that brought me to Europe

If not for the low price advertised for LOT flights into Europe, I would not have taken this flight. And having experienced this flight proper, I have to say it is probably the worse Business Class flight I have ever taken. The cabin and seats were reasonably clean but it stops there. The meal was quite underwhelming, the service nearly non-existent. They might as well have set up a food counter up front and be done with it. There was nothing memorable in the end, and I am somehow not very excited to fly the return flight on LOT sometime in spring 2016.


4 thoughts on “LOT Polish 787 Business Class Toronto to Warsaw

  1. Thank you for the review! While the hard product itself definitely is not cutting edge, I actually heard some positive things about the LOT long haul business. However, service attitude seems to be a problem in Poland in general. While sometimes service is very warm and friendly, I often don’t really feel taken care of well. Staying at the IC Warsaw at the moment, I experiecned this once again. The check-in procedure was horrible and extremely unfriendly, while the staff in the lounge is very helpful and friendly. It seems like you have to have a lucky day to enjoy a flight with LOT…

  2. I don’t know if you notice it really take a while to load the webpage? Every time it will take up to 10 seconds to open a webpage. I don’t have the same issue on other websites. I subscribe Verizon Fios 75mbps so should be sufficient. I really like series and can ‘t wait for CX First DUS-DFW…can you write this one First….Just a small suggestion..in your introduction of each series, would it possible to share with readers how you plan for the whole trip including searching for tickets, redemption of miles/ points and selection of hotels and optimization of itinerary.

    1. @Shannon, it could be due to having a lot of images. Otherwise I am not too sure about your internet speed. I’ll take your suggestions into account, thanks for it!

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