Asia via Swiss Alps and Germany’s Autobahn: An Introduction

Matterhorn and the village of Zermatt
Matterhorn seen from the village of Zermatt

Just at the end of my Chile trip, I will be heading back to Asia, but this time I met up with my family in Europe where we will be travelling around Switzerland. So this is basically a second vacation conjoined together. It also meant I had to carry more clothes than usual since I am covering both the summer and winter season.

I would fly back to Toronto from Santiago and from there, I booked a transatlantic flight via LOT Polish 787 to Warsaw and connecting to Zurich via Swiss. That would allow me to strike off several firsts in my flying history. One would be my first time flying across the Atlantic Ocean, and it will also be my first time flying with LOT and Swiss, both of whom are Star Alliance members. Naturally it will also be my first time flying into both Warsaw and Zurich.

Nice day in Bern
Historic capital city of Switzerland, Bern

At Switzerland, I would meet my family in Geneva so I would take a train there, where we would then rent a car and drive around Switzerland with the major sights being Bern, Zermatt and Interlaken or the central Alps area.

For the continuing flight, me and my Dad would be on a different ticket returning onboard Cathay Pacific First Class via Düsseldorf. The limited availability of 2 tickets for First Class meant it was not easy to get seats and that also meant returning on different dates with my mum and siblings.

Fascination at the Porsche Museum
Fascination at the Porsche Museum

As a result, I had some extra vacation time to spend with my Dad and we would drive across Germany to visit several car museums and also sample some German beer as Oktoberfest was starting around the towns in Bavaria. While I was quite tired from my trip to Chile, this trip was one of the best I had in years because of the time I spent with family and also due to the time I spent with my Dad travelling across Germany. Due to this, the focus of the trip report here would be more on the journey and the experiences rather than the hotels and airlines.


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