Dragonair to be rebranded as Cathay Dragon

Dragonair Airbus A320
Dragonair A320 at HKIA

Frequent flyers should probably know that Dragonair is part of the Cathay Pacific group and it is an airline that serves mainly HK-China routes. Even though Cathay Pacific serves some of the same routes like HKG-PEK and HKG-PVG, I actually prefer Dragonair’s service and F&B offerings as I find them to be a touch better than Cathay Pacific.

I have taken Dragonair several times due to connecting flights from Hong Kong to cities in China. I reviewed them in Economy Class and Business Class too. They are very consistent in terms of service and the ability to deposit miles to Cathay Pacific’s frequent flyer program also makes it a nice choice for me.

Recently, Cathay Pacific announced its branding change with a refreshed and cleaner look on its fleet. In fact the changes would go on to affect Dragonair as well as the airline will be changed to Cathay Dragon to fit in more with the overall corporate branding. In my mind the name is quite absurd, and even if I understand the point of connecting it to Cathay Pacific, can’t they do a subtler branding like ‘Dragonair by Cathay Pacific’?

Cathay Dragon New Livery_01.jpg
Cathay Dragon new livery

They are even getting rid of the dragon livery on the tail fin, instead changing it to a red tail fin with Cathay Pacific’s brush stroke insignia. The result is going to be a more boring look across airplanes in Hong Kong in the future.

Cathay Pacific_Cathay Dragon.jpg
New brushstrokes on the tailfin, will miss the dragon emblem

Now the only worrying point is that the catering in Dragonair will be changed to reflect its closer ties to Cathay Pacific (also known as cost cutting). If the inflight catering is the same as Cathay Pacific, then I rather Dragonair remains as it is since I believe the large amount of budget spent on these brand changes should have rather been used to improve passengers’ comfort.

In my opinion, changing the whole name and identity of what is already quite a well-established brand just seems contrary to image building. And spending money to craft a new image that might not even enhance the passenger’s comfort level is just plain dumb for an airline, considering nothing was wrong with Dragonair. I think if it ain’t broken, do not fix it.


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