Delta Sky Club in Santiago Airport SCL

Check-in desks
Check-in desk at Santiago

Since I had a late departure out of Santiago, I had went out to explore more of the city. The late check-out from Sheraton Santiago helps as well, and I ordered an Uber to bring me to the airport. My experience of using Uber in Santiago is pretty good and the ride to the airport was no different with a friendly local driver who once worked in a container ship as we exchange travel stories along the way.

Long queues for Delta
Crowded with long queues at SCL check-in for Delta

As I arrived at the airport once again, I knew where to check-in. Sky Priority saved the day as it was chaotic during the late afternoon with a lot of passengers bound for the American and Delta flights to the United States. There was 2 Sky Priority counters and both were occupied when I arrived but I was served shortly afterwards.

Sky Priority check-in desks
Sky Priority lane

It was a friendly exchange as I handed over my passport to the agent and had my luggage checked all the way to Toronto. After checking all my requisite visa and entry documents, I was provided with my boarding pass. However there was no mention of the lounge and in my haste, I forgot to ask as well.

Lifts to LAN Lounge
LAN and oneworld lounge entrance after security

With some time to spare, I browsed through the souvenir store at the terminal then decided it best to go through passport check and security considering the huge crowd still checking in.

Duty free shopping
Duty free shops in Santiago airport SCL

Once through security, passengers need to bypass the duty free shop before entering the terminal proper. Then I followed the signs for the airport lounges. It turns out Delta actually has a Sky Club in Santiago but it was not that easy to find. Delta’s Sky Club is located close to the duty free section near gate 18, and the lounge is located one floor below, opposite the Voyager lounge.

Food court
Food court in the terminal
Entrance to the Delta Sky Club
Delta Sky Club entrance

On entering, I had a very enthusiastic receptionist who commented on my retro Fuji X-E1 camera. It seems Fuji cameras do get a lot of attention for its design as it is probably the n-th time I was commented for it. Since I was intending to spend the day exploring Atlanta during my layover, I asked for a shower room. She gave a call to the staff inside the lounge for fresh towels to be prepared, and I was all set to have a nice bath.

Sky Club reception
Sky Club reception

There is only a couple of shower room at the end of the lounge but it was a nice facility. With lots of space for the luggage, I was able to extract my bath amenities. However the state of the shower was dismal as the rainshower was cracked though and there was no holder for the handheld shower head. There is a wall mounted shampoo and shower gel but not much else, though fresh towels wrapped in plastic was provided. Not exactly the best shower room in a lounge but it was alright for a quick shower.

Shower room
Shower room in the lounge

After the shower I head to the lounge which has a nice selection of magazines and newspapers including French ones to cater for Air France guests.

Sky Club Lounge
Seating in the lounge
Magazine stand
Magazine rack in the lounge

The lounge is quite small in size and has a main seating area in the centre but that portion is lit up dimly with a blue lighting. My preference is to sit near the shower entrance with the TV and magazines. There is also some bar stools and tables for those keen to have a table to work or have a snack.

Blue hues at the lounge
Main seating area
Bar table and stool
Bar stool and table

On the buffet counter, there was a hot vegetable soup on offer with some bread. Other snacks includes muffins, pastries, cut fruits, and nachos. There is also a section that stocks up on a variety of Chilean wines along with large bowls of mixed nuts and crackers.

Buffet counter
Buffet counter
Vegetable soup
Vegetable soup and croutons

I got some soup first to warm myself up and relax for a while before getting a glass of wine along with some snacks to enjoy while surfing the web. The wifi was actually quite good in the lounge which was very useful since there was no free wifi in the terminal. Not long after that, boarding was called for in the lounge and I collected my belongings to prepare to board the flight back north.

Wines and nuts
Wine counter and mixed nuts
Quiet corner
Quiet corner in the lounge

While I did not really spend a long time in the terminal, it was an average facility to spend time while waiting. At least the wifi comes in handy and there was some decent snacks and wines that would be a great memory of Chile before I left the country.

2 thoughts on “Delta Sky Club in Santiago Airport SCL

    1. @Jon, might be but I was never a Sky Team flyer before. The Sky Club there was just good enough rather than the main terminal.

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