Alaska Air rebranding exercise

Airlines go through a lot of re-branding exercise because it is one of the way to keep themselves fresh in consumers’ minds as well as to project a new image and point of differentiation as many airlines use similar products and planes nowadays. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest, I am quite fond of Alaska Airlines since they are generally reliable for flights to Seattle and Los Angeles from Vancouver. They used to be the dominant airline in these area once especially when the major carriers cut back on routes. But with the consolidation and the major carriers back in good shape, Delta has even expanded its hub out of Seattle, competing with Alaska Air for passengers.

Alaska’s new look

Just today, Alaska Airlines showed off its new look that does give it a more vibrant look. A few months back, they changed their inflight buy-on-board menu and they are also changing the looks of their airplanes. Fortunately, they retained the friendly Inuit that graces the tail fin of their planes. I always thought the Inuit showcased a friendly image for the airline which makes sense since Alaska is not exactly a large airline.

The new website design proudly showing the Inuit mascot

So far, I think the new look with the clearer font shows that Alaska is really looking to modernize itself and keep up with the competition. Considering I do like their frequent flyer program since it is very flexible in accumulating miles with a variety of other airlines, I hope they continue to thrive. Just for readers’ FYI, I actually did a research report on the airline as part of my project work for an ‘Investment Analysis’ course so I did track the business of Alaska for a while and maybe has some affection for it as a company, as I consider it one of the most well-managed airline in the United States.


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