A good reason to ski in Chile

Fresh tracks at Condor
Skiing at Nevados de Chillan

I have just recently completed the review of the 4 ski resorts I skied and snowboarded while touring Chile. The resorts I visited were:

Since it was my first time visiting all these resorts, I needed a trail map. Now as a skier, we all know how these trail maps tend to end up after a day on the slopes. That is mushy, soggy and probably torn at the edges where they are folded. I have been to numerous ski resorts across North America and Japan and always without fail, snow does not always treat paper based trail maps really well.

Chile ski trail map
Trio of trail maps from Chilean ski resorts

For my first day skiing in Valle Nevado, the trail maps there use the usual type of paper that gets destroyed when in prolonged contact with water. But for the other 3 ski resorts I been to, the trail maps were made using a sort of waterproof paper material. Not only they were much nicer to the touch, they end up still nice and perfect for use at the end of the day.

In fact they were so good, they ended up intact after skiing with them and referring to them. And they make really good mementos at the end of the ski trip! Just to show how good they are, I took the above photos and sprinkled them with water droplets to show their water-resistance!

Trio of Trail Maps
Look, its water-resistant trail maps!

That begs the question as to why does other ski resorts who charges more for their lift tickets not take the same initiative? Imagine all the paper that could be saved through the continuous re-use of these trail maps! The environmentally friendly trail maps that are water-resistant and quite water-proof are just another of those reasons to ski in Chile!


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