Renting an Audi, every single time from Silvercar

I admit that I have a love for cars, especially the premium German automakers. The problem is I also love travelling and exploring the world, to see the way people live and savour what makes the world tick. Living and travelling around North America usually involves renting a car to get around. This is especially so in Los Angeles. Now comes the problem with renting a car, as most car rental firms provides a variety of cars. On the car rental page, it usually says something along the lines of ‘Ford Focus or similar’. Not that a Ford Focus is not a good car, in fact I would be happy with a Ford Focus, but sometimes I might get something else, and that is the frustration I sometimes have with car rental firms.

Audi A4 at Cerritos
Audi A4 at Cerritos

On my last trip to Los Angeles, I decided to rent from Silvercar. This is actually a new car rental firm with limited locations across the United States, and they are unique in offering only one type of car for renters. That means all customers would only get a silver colour Audi A4. It is a premium car, though rental cost was $69++ for each day and as a first time renter, I was able to get a free day. Thus I essentially paid $154 with taxes for the 3 days I rented an Audi A4.

Silvercar Car Rental
Silvercar car rental outlet at Los Angeles airport

That was not all. All the Audi A4 comes with satellite navigation as standard (usually a $7-9 per day option), has free in-car wifi, free satellite radio and a much more reasonable fuel plan if you do not top up the car. When you consider in all these extras, I think the prices of renting a Silvercar becomes much more value for money.

The experience of renting a car from Silvercar is also unique in that renters actually could request to be picked up nearby the Silvercar outlet. In this case, I was able to be picked up from a hotel around Los Angeles airport as I was staying in the area. A driver would pick you up in an available A4 and bring you back to their office where the car is scanned and the keys handed over to you. The transaction was just that fast and easy.

In the Civic District
Driving with Silvercar in the Civic District

Now comes the question of how does it drive? I have rented cars like the Ford Mustang before and the Chrysler 300C and the Cadillac SRX, and still the Audi A4 was probably one of the best driving cars I have ever rented. Refined inside and out, the car drives like most German premium marques and the relatively compact size also meant it was easy to drive around the city. There was ample space for 4 occupants with their luggage and that would also make it suitable for road trips. The Audi’s quattro all-wheel drive system would allow it to be used for mountain drives or vacations in the winter. As such, I am really hard at thought to find a fault for this car. In short, I just love it and wished renting a car was always this easy and straightforward!

Interior of the 2015 Audi A4
Interior of the 2015 Audi A4

When returning the car, just drop by their office again and a driver came over to drive me back to the airport right by my terminal. It gives the term door-to-door service a new meaning in the car rental business. And Silvercar could do it by the basis of just renting a specific car and being still relatively small. That does mean I get more personalized service that I do appreciate!

Silvercar fleet of Audi A4
Silvercar fleet of Audi A4

For those thinking of a roadtrip with the low fuel prices right now in the United States, do consider Silvercar as they have also recently opened branches in Austin and New York City and I sure hope they become successful enough to open outside the United States. In addition, Silvercar renters would also get 4 Virgin Elevate points for every $1 spent with Silvercar so it can also be an additional perk for frequent flyers!

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