Delta Airlines Embraer Service between Los Angeles and Vancouver

As I mentioned in my earlier post, my flight departed from Terminal 6. Thus I had to make the trek from the underground connector and I made sure to leave some time for this walk. There was some delay at the gate as the plane arrived slightly late so I ended up waiting a short while by the gate. Boarding started about 6:55pm, and there was no one blocking the gates or the queues. On this rare occasion, I thought this might be an empty flight.

Delta Embraer Jet in LAX
Delta Embraer Jet in LAX

DL5730 Los Angeles International LAX – Vancouver International YVR
STD-STA: 19:10-22:18
Actual: 20:19-22:45
Embraer 175 N605CZ
Gate 68A Seat 2A

Domestic First Class
Domestic First Class seating

Once I got seated, drink orders were taken by the cheerful flight attendant and I got myself a mix of ginger ale and orange juice. There was already a bottle of ‘Dasani’ water on the seat along with the stark red blanket against the blue leather seat.

Domestic First Seat Pitch
Domestic First seat pitch

When everyone has boarded, the pilot came to mention some fault in the system and they expected a 15-20 min delay as maintenance crew was brought in.

Delta Sky Magazine and Orange Juice
Delta Sky magazine and orange juice

More drama emerged during this time as there was a scorpion on the plane! The gung-ho stewardess was really cool about it and squashed the scorpion with her heels. That is one stewardess I would not want to get on the bad side of!

Temporary Power Shutdown
Temporary power shutdown

Eventually the maintenance had to reset the system and it involves shutting off the power for about 3-5 minutes. One concerned passenger even checked with the pilot who was outside the cockpit. During the delay, 4 more passengers joined us to make up a total of 73 pax with 3 vacant seats, 2 of them in upfront.

Boeing 767 in Delta Colours
Boeing 767 in Delta colours

We started the pushback around 8:05pm and the meal orders were taken. Choices includes grilled chicken with rice or turkey cheese and ham sandwich. Wines and alcoholic beverages were also included. It was definitely a leader in terms of catering for this particular route and I can see Delta becoming a hit with executives in the film industry that might take this particular route.

Beautiful dusk sky
Beautiful dusk sky

The delay in this case turns out to be quite of a blessing for me since Vancouver is my final destination and I was in no particular hurry. When we took off, the sun has just set and gives a very nice purplish orange glow that really paints a beautiful picture! I will just let the photos do the talking here!

Santa Cruz Island
Santa Cruz Island, part of the Channel Islands off the coast of California

I had the grilled chicken with rice option and the presentation of the dish on the tray was immaculate. It felt like having a meal in an upscale bistro with the wooden tray and nice cutleries. The main course of the grilled chicken and the rice dish was exceptional even if it was both a cold dish. The grilled chicken was actually tender and full of flavour while the rice salad had a very nice texture and great mix of healthy ingredients. I would even say this is a particular dish I wouldn’t mind ordering in a restaurant!

Grilled Chicken Meal with Rice
Grilled chicken meal with rice

In case passengers are still hungry, Delta also provides a packed dessert of a sweet lemon bar which was also tasty. There is also a packet of breadsticks to snack on along with a ‘Sesame Oriental’ dressing which can function as a dip. For a route that is neither too short nor too long, I think the meal was adequate. Snack baskets were also available with the usual chips and chocolates, while the stewardess asked if passengers would like more drinks once they finished with the meal or beverage.

Breadsticks and Lemon Tart
Breadsticks and lemon tart

I spent the rest of the flight catching up on reading my novel while enjoying the orange horizon from the summer sunset. The ambience made this flight a particular treat! There was still some time to go but the amenities in the flight were comfortable and the friendly crew with excellent service made it a very good flight.

Reading my book
Reading my book on the flight with a view!

Before long, we started our descent into Vancouver and the pilot apologized for the delay in the flight. In the end though we landed about half an hour late even with an hour late in the scheduled departure.

Descent into Vancouver
Descent into Vancouver

Disembarkation was orderly even with the late arrival and I was through in no time. The queues for immigration in Vancouver was also short at this late hour while the baggage claim service was efficient. This really makes YVR one of the best airports in Canada and North America. While it was a short flight with basic recliner seats in the premium cabin, Delta’s professional crew attitude and amenities onboard the flight or on the ground was excellent and makes me think they might just be North America’s leading airline right now! In fact it was this flight that made me fly a couple more Delta flights again which I would review shortly in this blog, so stay tuned for more ‘Flying Delta’!

Bulkhead Seats
Bulkhead seats
The Embraer Jet in YVR
The Embraer Jet in YVR

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