Delta Sky Club in Los Angeles LAX

After returning my Silvercar Audi A4, I was actually provided with a complimentary shuttle on the same car. That negated the need to take out my luggage and I get a direct stop by the Delta’s counter. That surely improved the overall car rental experience.

Delta Advertisement
Delta advertisement at LAX

Since I was boarding a flight in Business Class, or what they usually call domestic First Class, I was able to use the premium counters. In Los Angeles, Delta has a neat terminal with very consistent branding. I really do like the decor of the Premium check-in facilities. However I was unable to do a self check-in and I had to proceed to one of the counters to drop off my bags and get my boarding pass.

Delta Check-in Counters
Delta premium check-in counters

After a quick check-in, I was given the boarding pass and immediately made my way to security. Inside the main terminal, the branding continued and it felt like there was something different about flying Delta.

Self Check-in counters
Self check-in counters
Entrance to the Delta Terminal
Entrance to the Delta terminal at Los Angeles

Short queues in both the premium and normal security lanes meant a fast pass, and I was through into the departure terminal in no time. Once inside, I found the entrance to the Delta Sky Club on the second floor which is accessible by an elevator. There was some renovations outside the lounge which diminished my impression a bit but it was like a different world and totally unexpected inside the lounge!

Inside Terminal 5
Departure concourse of Terminal 5

There was a Korean gentleman taking the elevator with me but it seems he was not able to enter the SkyClub. Since I entered the lounge after him, there was a short wait before I was welcomed into the lounge. The lounge receptionist in Delta SkyClub was really friendly and asked if it was my first time in the lounge. She also made sure to let me know of all the facilities and about the directions to the gate where my flight was leaving. Very excellent service from the lounge attendant and I would have thought I was really in a First Class lounge.

Delta SkyClub Reception
Delta SkyClub reception

The decor certainly fits the stature though as there was a nice cool atrium with dim blue lighting after the reception. Guests could certainly fall into a slumber here for a rest. Around the lounge, there was also a very nice collection of pop art, making the SkyClub feel like a modern art gallery.

Central lounge area
Central atrium inside the lounge

Beyond the main lounge area, there is a brightly lit dining area with ample seats and tables for guests on one side. And the other side houses a bar and the buffet counter.

Dining area
Bright dining area
Bar area
Bar area with a vibrant counter

The bar section features several flat screen TVs and has a very vibrant atmosphere with the bar tender interacting with guests watching the sports channel. Do remember though that alcoholic drinks are not free for domestic First Class guests.

What was impressive though was the range of food options on the buffet counter. There was stew, soups, salads, fruits, sandwiches and vegetables in addition to the usual nuts and crackers. Overall it was good enough for guests to have a light lunch before boarding their flight. As I already had a nice lunch, I just grabbed a banana and made myself a cup of cappuccino. The DIY espresso machine with a touch-screen panel was also a nifty feature in the lounge!

Buffet counter
Buffet counter
Espresso Machine
Espresso machine touch screen panel

The last section of the lounge set against the windows overlooking the tarmac was a brighter seating space. There was lounge chairs in an open plan setting with the seats upholstered in Delta’s colours of blue, red and white. In addition there was power ports in between most of the seats. However the power ports seems to be a bit of a ‘white elephant’ as only a couple was working. At least the lounge had signs to indicate the power ports were not operationally ready yet.

Seats in Delta's colours
Seats in Delta’s colours

Against the window, there was also a taller bench table with bar stools. This seems to be a popular space for the guests that day. Perhaps it was the view or maybe it was the fact the power ports set against the bench table was functional. But this section of the lounge would probably be a nice spot for me too if I need to use my laptop due to the brighter lighting and quieter atmosphere. More guests seem to congregate around the main lounge area right after the reception.

Delta liveries
Delta liveries as seen from the lounge windows

Another amenity inside the lounge that I liked was how well stocked the magazine shelves in the SkyClub was. There was a variety of magazines and newspapers to match varying interests. There was also some shower room but I did not check them out since I did not need them. While waiting for my flight, I actually noticed a pair of ‘celebrities’ from one of the earlier seasons of ‘The Amazing Race’, which I still watch till this day.

Magazine shelves
Magazine shelves

With all these trappings, the lounge in Los Angeles certainly can make flyers more contented as the pair was actually delayed for their flight but they seemed calm and just content to sit down and relax. It is such a shame then that I had to walk quite a bit of a distance to the neighbouring terminal 6 for my departing flight. That meant I had to leave earlier than anticipated as I did not want to miss the flight.

Art gallery
Pop art gallery in the lounge

Delta certainly paid attention to make a lounge that would fit the need for passengers. It created a nice ambience in the lounge and added ample amenities to keep them occupied. For an airline that I had not flown, Delta certainly impressed me enough with its lounge that I would certainly consider them for flights in the future!

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