Overnight at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel

Arriving into Los Angeles in the evening, I was expecting a long immigration wait but surprisingly enough, I managed to clear immigration pretty quickly. I chose to stay at one of the Los Angeles airport hotels which has a free shuttle from the airport. Unfortunately there was a long wait for the Westin hotel shuttle such that some hotel shuttles actually have left twice before the Westin hotel shuttle arrived. For the one night layover, I paid a rate of $129++.

Main Lobby Overview
Main lobby overview

Arriving into the Westin, there was also no bellboy helping with the luggage. I made my way to the check-in counter which has 2 people in the queue. The check-in procedure went quite fast and I was able to get my room key in no time. The front desk agent was very professional but very concise in his explanations of the hotel. This is also a hotel with a vast lobby and makes it comfortable for an airport hotel. I like the lobby area of this hotel compared to the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles airport where I stayed before.

Mezzanine Lounge
Mezzanine level lounge

Room No: 1027 Category: Traditional King Room

As far as I know, there really was not any upgrade to my room but it was a spacious one and definitely more than adequate for a short layover. Like any standard hotel room, there was a bathtub and shower combination and the standard Westin amenities. However the bathroom was still lacking in shower gel, as only a soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion were provided. Guests could request for shower gels to be delivered to the room.

Traditional Bathroom
Traditional bathroom

The bathroom had the rain shower which I really appreciated and enjoyed. There is also a bathrobe hung by the door. Westin hotels does have some better amenities compared to Sheraton properties.

Westin Hotel Amenity
Westin hotel amenity
Bathrobe in the bathroom
Bathrobe in the bathroom

The bedroom has the usual comfortable Heavenly King bed and a sofa by the window. There is also an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table by the sofa.

Traditional King Bedroom
Traditional King bedroom

Lined against the wall is the TV cabinet and work desk. The minibar items and complimentary bottled water were placed on this cabinet as well.

Sofa with TV Cabinet
Sofa with TV cabinet

My room has an overview of the Century Boulevard which is also the main street leading to the airport. This meant I was able to take some nice night shots and have a view of planes landing on the runway. Unfortunately, the windows weren’t very clean meaning the photo has a lot of ‘spots’.

View of Century Boulevard
View of Century Boulevard from the room

As it was a short stay and I did not really use the other amenities in the hotel nor did I interact much with the staff, I would not be the best person to give a complete review. However the staff I encountered on this layover was friendly and quite accommodating as I checked out and stored my luggage with the bell desk before I picked up my rental car the next day. The staff was also very gracious when I requested for amenities and any encounters on the corridors were met with a friendly smile. With that, I would say the Westin is a pretty good hotel to stay for one night if you need to depart early for a flight from Los Angeles or arrive late in the evening. In fact because the rates in the Westin are usually lower than that in the Sheraton, I think it offers better value because the amenities in a Westin property are generally better.


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