China Southern Domestic Business Class Lounge in Guangzhou

I posted about my experience as a passenger during an irregular operation (IRROP) in China and noted the good ending. Well I will start with the ordeal first. I arrived in Guangzhou around 5:30pm and by the time I cleared immigration and head to the ticketing counter it was around 6pm. That was when I realized my flights were cancelled and I had to wait while the agent at the counter to find my check-in luggage and pass me my new boarding pass. By the time I head to the lounge it was close to 10pm, and I was really tired after a transpacific crossing.

China Southern Business Class Lounge
China Southern business class lounge in Guangzhou

The lounge is fortunately located just right after security and there are 2 lounges side by side with one catering to other Sky Priority Elite guests and another for First and Business class passengers.

Departure Terminal
Departure terminal of Guangzhou Baiyun airport

Entering the lounge, there is a very oriental ambience with a reception desk greeting guests. I took this time to check my flight departure time as it was not showing any fixed departure time. All I received was they are still awaiting notice. The entrance of the lounge has foyer and wall partition that separates the main seating area. This wall partition also functions as a magazine shelf and there are a lot of thick magazines though all of which were in Chinese.

Magazine shelf in the lounge
Magazine shelf in the lounge

Thus the main seating has one facing the TV screen and another that is supposedly for relaxing beside the dining section. There are lots of empty seats in the lounge and in between some of these seats, there are some small side tables with a power plug. This does not apply to all the seats but most of them have this amenity.

Seating area in the lounge
Seating area in the lounge with TV

As I was hungry, my first priority was to get some food. There are some pork buns, a little bit of leftover fried rice, but as it was late, there was not much else in terms of hot food. In the end I went for the most convenient options – cup noodles. Nearly most Asian airport lounges also stock cup noodles readily. There was a hot water dispenser which is common in airport lounges in China due to the Chinese preference for warm water. But this preference even goes to the canned drinks which were not chilled at all, though they did have the ‘Wong Lo Kat’ herbal tea drink that I liked inside the lounge.

Dining area in the lounge
Dining area in the lounge

After a quick dinner, I walked around the small lounge a little bit and discovered a small VIP area at the back of the lounge. There are some more seats located inside a room, and a private dining room that could be arranged for business meetings. In China, it is not unusual for business meetings to be conducted with a meal. There are also some shower rooms which I did not ask for as I was waiting for the boarding call regarding my connecting flight to Shanghai.

Private dining room in the lounge
Private dining and meeting room in the lounge

In the end I head to the partitioned room that has 2 massage chairs and one lounger armchair. The massage chairs were occupied by 2 passengers in their late 50s so I took the empty lounge arm chair and read some magazines while waiting for the boarding call which as you all know never came as I was later provided a hotel room in Guangzhou. During this time some other passenger came into the lounge to ask questions regarding changing to a China Eastern flight but the lounge agents does not even have access to China Eastern’s flight schedule. Both airlines even operate at different ends of the terminal for domestic flights with China Southern on the B concourse and China Eastern on the A concourse.

China Southern Airline Lounge
Relaxing ambience inside China Southern lounge in Guangzhou

For a domestic airport lounge, the food served in the lounge are somewhat better than the US based lounges which just have dried food like chips, crackers and bar snacks most of the time. The only downside was the lack of cold drinks. Quality of the lounge is slightly above average and I liked the overal Chinese design theme incorporated into the lounge. The service by the staff inside the lounge was cordial making it a decent lounge in Guangzhou for China Southern Airline especially for transit passengers.


5 thoughts on “China Southern Domestic Business Class Lounge in Guangzhou

  1. Once again I’m a little surprised by the quality product offered by China Southern. The lounge looks absolutely decent, something I can’t relate to when thinking of the most Air China lounges. I’ll definitely give China Southern a try next time I’ll fly over to China!

    1. @Moritz, China Southern seems to have the hard product in place but it needs to work on some improvements in the soft product and better co-ordination with China Eastern which is its Sky Team partner as well.

      1. Is there any partnership with China Eastern at all? Seems like the Chinese carriers don’t try to work together very well so far.

      2. @Moritz, there are little amongst the Chinese carriers. Any little co-operation is probably for connecting flights.

      3. That’s something that will most likely change in the future. Co-operation in Europe and America was rare several decades ago, too. At the moment, the revenue in China is just too high for co-operating…

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