Hyatt House Sandy / Salt Lake City – West Coast Spring Roadtrip

Hotel facade
Exterior of Hyatt House Sandy/Salt Lake City

Initially I had planned to do some snowboarding at Snowbird since I was passing by Salt Lake City again but I decided to press on towards Wyoming instead as I was a bit tired from the long drive between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. The drive was not that interesting since it was just a plain interstate and maybe I was also getting tired of the driving. Fortunately, I had a good place to crash for the night.

Entrance lounge
Entrance lounge beside the check-in area

Salt Lake City was chosen again as a stopover point as I had been here before and I had dinner again at the Copper Onion, since I enjoyed my meal there last time. Another thing to note is that Salt Lake City runs on the Central Mountain Time which is one hour ahead of Las Vegas which is under the Pacific Time. That meant I was actually an hour late for my reservation at the restaurant and naturally at the hotel as well. While there are several Hyatt Place properties in SLC, I decided to go with the Hyatt House brand this time. The Hyatt House is located in the suburb of Sandy which is south of downtown SLC, roughly a 20 minutes drive via the interstate which is just right outside of the hotel. This hotel has free parking like the Hyatt Place Cottonwood and I was able to check-in smoothly at the counter as I was the only one in the lobby this late in the night. The check-in was as friendly as ever like my previous experience at Hyatt Place and a huge difference from the previous night at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

TV lounge in the lobby
TV lounge in the lobby

Generally Hyatt Place is supposed to be more for the contemporary traveller (I equate it to the aloft brand by SPG) while Hyatt House was designed for longer term travellers. The lobby level houses a very spacious TV lounge, and even has a minimart beside the check-in counter selling chips, daily necessities and a row of beverage fridges. A lot of convenience for travellers and as far as I can tell, prices were very reasonable.

Beverage fridge
Beverage fridge at the minimart

Room No:341 Category: Studio Suite

The hotel is short, similar like most hotels in this range. Though I was still assigned a room on the highest floor. It was quite a distance from the main lobby and accessible by another elevator with a separate entrance door. This door is only accessible by a keycard so the security is still at least pretty good.

Kitchen on entry
Kitchen on entry into the studio

Upon entering the room, I am actually quite impressed as there is a nice kitchen again fitting into the long term stay principle. For a rate of $89++ per night, I thought this was a good deal. There is also a small metal pinboard listing the menu available for the month and probably also a board where housekeeping can leave messages for guests. It adds to that homely feel to the property!

Room pinboard
Room pinboard

Past the kitchen is a nice L-shaped sofa and a work desk at the corner. There is a soft ottoman-style coffee table in the living room as well. The TV can be swivelled to be watched from both the living room or the bedroom on the other side of the open-concept studio.

TV partition
TV partition in the suite

Behind the partition is a standard king-sized bed. Though it was a bit too soft for my liking. It seems the harder the mattress, the more prestigious the brand for Hyatt hotels. Most of the Grand and Park Hyatts tend to have mattresses that are on the firm side.

King bed in the suite
King bed in the suite

Another thing to like is the huge spacious bathroom which also houses the closet space that doubles as a wall mirror. Rather than a bathtub there is a large walk-in shower and a compartmentalized toilet which is blocked by the wall. The whole layout of the toilet was very well thought out, and is my preferred layout for bathrooms.

Spacious bathroom

The amenities inside seems to be similar to the Kenet MD branded stuff that is supplied in most Hyatt Regency hotels though they had a different packaging. It is nice to see the little differentiation!

Bathroom amenity
Bathroom amenity at Hyatt House

For a highway side hotel, the amenities in this property is quite impressive as I think it also caters to some business people since the town of Sandy does have a business park. The fitness centre located on the lobby level is better than average compared to hotels of this calibre.

Fitness centre
Fitness centre

There is also a nice pool that my room overlooks. I tend to think the rooms overlooking the pool are quieter as it is at the back end of the hotel and thus away from the highway noise.

Pool View from the room
Pool view from the room

On the lobby level there is also a spacious lounge with a couple of workstations and printers for some business use. I believe it was complimentary to use and print a few stuff. As I did not use them, I did not know the details.

Lobby Lounge
Business centre in the lobby

Again like all Hyatt Place properties, Hyatt Houses also provide complimentary breakfast. There are also complimentary copies of Wall Street Journal on the elevator lobby, which is impressive considering I only get USA Today on most US hotels.

Breakfast dining area
Breakfast dining area

The breakfast scene was a bit busy in the morning and this property was popular with families. It makes sense since the rooms are spacious and families can make use of the kitchen to prepare meals. So there was a queue for the lone staff preparing omlettes made to order. There is a slip of paper with the ingredients listed and guests just need to tick off the boxes and pass them to the staff. Naturally there was a bit of a wait due to the crowds.

More dining area
More dining area

The other breakfast fare was standard continental stuff like bagels, toast, cereal and oatmeal. There are also some cut fruits, bananas and juices. But again the breakfast counter was low on the food as it was really busy and the hotel just could not seem to keep up with the demand. One thing to note was that while it was busy, the dining section had a lot of available seats as most guests were bringing the food up to their room. I proceeded to do the same as it was a bit noisy with a lot of movement along the dining rooms. If I must say, I think they should enlarge the dining area and reduce the footprint of the huge lounge in the lobby to make it better for dining.

Breakfast of omelette and toast
Breakfast of omelette and toast

While I was able to get late check-out, I did not really require it as I checked out after breakfast and made my way to check out the suburb of Sandy and had lunch in downtown SLC before driving towards Jackson Hole in Wyoming. For a first time visitor to Salt Lake City, I would recommend the downtown Hyatt Place as it has a very nice downtown location or the Hyatt Place Cottonwood for easy access to the ski mountains along Little Cottonwood. However, for a roadtripper, the Hyatt House makes sense for a stopover or an extended stay to explore the mountains of Utah.


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