China’s High Speed Rail System mapped out like a subway map!

For those who have are not familiar with China’s geography, someone has actually mapped out the current high-speed rail system within China like a subway map. Yes a ‘subway’ map for the whole country.

More photos of G7134 from Shanghai
China’s High-Speed Trains at Nanjing Station

It is actually amazing to see the development of high-speed rail network within the country. As a safe and reliable form of transport, the high-speed rail makes it so much more convenient to travel inside the country.
The original file of the high-speed rail network was uploaded to Wikimedia, and can be accessed here.

China’s High Speed Rail mapped

I have taken the high speed rail a few years back when the network was at its nascent stage for short trips around the Yangtze river delta, but today, it is possible to access the south from the north on a high speed rail network. The route have obviously expanded such that even the western cities of Urumqi can now be accessed via high-speed rail.


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