Hyatt Vineyard Creek – West Coast Spring Roadtrip

After spending the morning walking around the Capitol and the old town in Sacramento, we had a light lunch at Magpie Cafe before driving towards Sonoma Valley where I had booked one night at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel & Spa for a rate of $139++. It was definitely a good price since it is close to the cost of the Holiday Inn at Medford.

Hotel Driveway
Hyatt Vineyard Creek driveway

The only thing to note though is that the Hyatt is not in Sonoma but more located in the town of Santa Rosa, close to the Highway 101 that cuts through Northern California. Since we had a car and the vineyards are all spread out in various directions, it was a good enough location and there was free parking in the hotel.

Entrance to the Hotel
Entrance to the hotel

Arriving at the hotel, there was a nice driveway and porch where I could unload my luggage before driving to the car park. There was no one else in the lobby when we arrived as it seems to be slightly low season. The weather was slightly warm though and it was actually quite nice. Checking in was fast and efficient as the front desk associate highlighted the breakfast inclusions for Diamond members and the amenities that the hotel has to offer. I was also able to get a late check-out of 4pm easily.

Seating in the lobby
Seating in the lobby

Room No: 347 Category: View 2 Queen Beds

My assigned room was perhaps one level higher but there was actually a room with a patio which would be one located on the same floor as the lobby. Maybe my preferences for a room on the higher floor resulted in me getting the ‘View’ rooms.

Standard Bathroom
Standard bathroom

Inside the room, there is a very nice bathroom that has a slightly different layout from the usual bathroom. The layout takes up less space though it was still comfortable. The shower was in the usual bathtub combination and amenities were the standard Kenet MD branded. On the amenities, I always thought Park Hyatts does it best, as the common Hyatts’ amenities are still lagging behind other hotel brands.

Two Queen Bedroom
Two Queen bedroom

For the bedroom, the furniture looks a bit old and dreary with dark wood and the bed also felt worn being a bit softer than what I would have liked. Somehow the room also felt sparse and overall I think the hotel should be up for a renovation soon. There was 2 queen beds in the room, an armchair and table by the window, while a normal work desk and TV cabinet was located by the wall.

Desk and TV Cabinet
Desk and TV cabinet

One thing to like about Hyatt though is that slippers are usually provided even for guests, though the bad part is that bottled water is not provided. Thus it was a nice thing to have both slippers and complimentary bottled water in the room. There was actually 2 bottles provided for guests on the desk.

Courtyard with fire pit
Courtyard with fire pit

The view from the room faces the courtyard which is probably the best one as it is quieter and nicer. And the courtyard has a huge fire pit with benches around it. This courtyard is probably the best feature of the hotel. With the cooler nights, it is also nice to spend the evenings by the fire pit in the courtyard while gazing into the night sky.

Restaurant Interior
Brasserie restaurant interior

Breakfast at Hyatt-branded properties are usually much better than at most SPG or Hyatt Regency club lounges. In this case, the complimentary breakfast here was no different as it was provided at the Brasserie Restaurant located on the lobby floor.

Breakfast Menu
Breakfast menu at the Brasserie

Guests could order a-la-carte from the menu and I had the dungeness crab cake benedict while my friend had the applewood smoked bacon Belgian waffle.

Applewood Smoked Bacon and Waffle
Applewood smoked bacon with egg and waffle

We might have woken up quite late for breakfast and placed in the other end of the restaurant but the service was quite slow to be honest and I do think the food was also a tad ordinary. They weren’t bad at all, but it was just average.

Dungeness Crab Cake Benedict
Dungeness crab cake benedict

We spent the next day exploring the wineries around Napa and Sonoma before returning to the hotel in the afternoon to check out. Thus I did not really spend much time in the hotel to check out their facilities which includes a small fitness centre on the lobby floor that is also accessible from the courtyard, a sculpture garden and an outdoor pool. The outdoor pool and sculpture garden is accessible from the other end of the courtyard from the main lobby.

Fitness Centre
Fitness centre
Outdoor pool
Outdoor pool

Considering the free outdoor parking, the decent amenities provided by the hotel and the various facilities they had to an average on-site restaurant, the Hyatt Vineyard Creek provided good value for a weekend stay to explore the Sonoma and Napa Valley area. If they did some renovation of the room to update the decor to Hyatt’s more modern and contemporary feel, it would have been perfect!


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