Governor’s Suite at Hyatt Olive 8 in Seattle – West Coast Spring Roadtrip

On the first leg of this roadtrip, I reserved a room again at the Hyatt Olive 8 since I enjoyed my stay at that hotel the last time. I had arrived at the hotel at night and with the parking package that was included, the stay costs me US$164++. Not a bad rate since parking was included and a surprise awaited as I checked in.

Suite View of the City
Downtown view from the Governors Suite

The lobby was empty when I arrived and the friendly front desk host checked me in quickly while mentioning that I would be sure to enjoy this upgraded room without telling me what room I had been upgraded to. The room I was assigned to was located in the highest floor within the hotel, since the upper level was reserved for apartments.

Room No: 1767 Category: Governor’s Suite

Kitchen and Dining Area
Kitchen and dining area

This time around I was actually provided the second highest room category in the hotel as it was a Governor’s Suite. Like the usual Luxury King Suites, there is a large corridor and 2 armchairs with a cabinet by the foyer. What was different though was the larger kitchenette and a dining table with 2 chairs. There are also some bar stools around kitchen.

Kitchen and Dining Area
Kitchen and dining area

On the living room at the end, the furnishings are even more luxurious with more armchairs and a soft and thick velvet throw on the sofa bed. The living room also comes with a gas fireplace. Beside the living room, there is also a coat closet.

Suite Living Room in the Morning
Suite living room in the morning
Living room
Living room at night

The main difference between a Luxury King Suite and the specialty Governor’s Suite is the study between the living room and the bedroom. There is a full study that has its own foyer and its own powder room.

Second Bathroom and Foyer
Powder room and foyer beside the study

What makes this study really functional was the huge space on the desk that comes with its own iMac. There are also 2 huge armchairs opposite the desk for guests to sit by the study.

Study Room with iMac
Study room with iMac

The bedroom comes with its own separate sliding door and also seems larger than the bedroom in the Luxury King Suite. There is a bench for the luggage beside the bathroom door and the room also comes with a walk-in closet. The layout is slightly different than that of the Luxury King Suite.

King Bedroom
King bedroom

The bathroom is similar to that of the King Suite and features all the same trappings. Again I have to say I really like the bathroom which is spacious, has a dressing table and stool, a separate bath tub and shower cubicle with the toilet being enclosed in its own alcove.

Luxurious Suite Bathroom
Luxurious suite bathroom

I would not go into the details of the rest of the amenities within the hotel as I covered that recently and not much has changed. For a somewhat small hotel, the facilities from the indoor swimming pool to the fitness centre, it is absolutely top notch and maybe even better that some of the other luxury hotels in the city.

As usual, breakfast was included in the rate for Hyatt Diamond members and since I was with a friend, I ordered a bread pudding to share in addition to my order of smoky sausage hash. She ordered the egg white omelette with a side of fresh of fruits.

Bread Pudding and Coffee
Bread pudding and coffee

The bread pudding was acceptable but not as good as the French toast that I had ordered before in my opinion. I prefer airy, soft bread dough and this bread pudding was the opposite being very dense and sticky. The sauce was also sweet with not enough cinnamon.

Smoky sausage hash
Smoky sausage hash

Meanwhile the smoky sausage hash had mediterranean flavour with a very generous serving of the sauce, probably a bit too much in my opinion. Again it was average since I am not a huge fan of the flavour. The eggs were still perfectly poached though so that still satisfied me in the end.

Egg White Omelette with Fruits
Egg white omelette with fruits

The brunch experience at Urbane this time around was slightly disappointing but the upgrade to the Governors’ Suite was amazing. On a side note though, I do believe we were upgraded to this room due to the issue I had on my last stay whereby I got locked out of my room twice due to the mistake made by the front desk. Whatever it was, the treatment by the hotel on making it right certainly made this property one of my favourite when in Seattle!


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