Foie Gras Galore at Au Pied de Cochon – Vive le Québec

For my last night in Montréal, I head over to Au Pied de Cochon for dinner. Abbreviated as PDC, the restaurant is considered an institution in Montréal and was featured in Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’. Located in the neighbourhood of Le Plateau Mont-Royal, I took the metro and alighted at Station Mont-Royal before walking towards the restaurant located along Avenue Duluth Est about 3 blocks from the main thoroughfare Rue Saint-Denis.

Menu outside the restaurant
Menu outside Au Pied de Cochon

The decor of the restaurant is classic with a custom made oven with a very informal ambience. With the restaurant opening till midnight, this place was just right for a late night dinner after settling into the hotel. And because I arrived later, there was no wait either as I was shown to a table immediately.

Inside the restaurant
Inside the restaurant

The restaurant is of a decent size and would not be the easiest to spot at night as it is not immediately prominent with any signs. Once I was seated, I was provided with a menu that features foie gras as the main cuisine and that was also what the restaurant is famous for!

Bar Counter
Bar counter in the restaurant

After placing my order, I was given a half roll of warm bread with butter. I really appreciate the fact that it was warm as not many restaurants bother to do that anymore!

Bread and butter
Bread and butter

For my appetizer, I ordered the tarragon bison tongue as I have always been a fan of beef tongue which is featured prominently in Japanese BBQ and in several Asian cuisines. This one though features a slightly different texture and cooking method. It is cooked till tender and has a similar texture to that of braised sea cucumber though still maintaining that chewy feel. The tarragon cream sauce was added with some bits of mustard and the whole dish was garnished with pieces of carrots. Presentation here is more of a comfort food rather than fine dining and this dining establishment does not pretend to be one either. Whatever the case, the bison tongue is a memorable dish for sure!

Bison tongue
Tarragon bison tongue

Next for the main course, I ordered the plogue à champlain, which is basically a combination of some of the fattiest thing even in cooking. The dish was recommended by my server and featured pancakes, cheese, a generous portion of foie gras, and thick cut bacon drizzled with lots of maple syrup. Sweet, savoury and rich, this dish can be described as a heart attack on a plate, but it works and eating it can make me forget about the damage it does to my health. It was definitely worth working out for!

Plogue à Champlain
Plogue à champlain or pancakes, cheese, foie gras, bacon topped with maple syrup

With that overload in calories, I did not have any dessert. Portion wise, the dishes were just perfect for one, and the foie gras dishes can also be shared amongst 2 person as an appetizer since I think they are pretty large for one to have the whole dish on their own. Along my dining experience at Bouillon Bilk, this dinner of contemporary Quebecois food tempted me to return to the city and enjoy the other culinary treasures the province has to offer. It looks like this time the fame of this restaurant is not for show!

Jars and ornaments
Jars and ornaments in the restaurant

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