Le Centre Sheraton Montréal – Vive le Québec

Sheraton Hotel Exterior
Sheraton Hotel exterior

Initially I had set my sights of staying at the Le Méridien in Montréal since it had rates of as low as C$80-90 for the weekends and Le Méridiens are usually nice than Sheratons but the one in Montréal seems to be located slightly out of the way and a SPG Hot Escapes rate brought down the prices for the Le Centre Sheraton closer. Furthermore the Sheraton was located at one of the 747 airport bus stop. Since I took the airport bus to downtown, I picked to stay at the Sheraton. Eventually I paid a rate of $150 plus taxes per night, though on hindsight I should have waited closer to the dates of my stay as I think the rates went down to slightly lower to about $140.

Reception Lobby
Reception lobby

It was a pleasant ride on the 747 airport bus to the Sheraton and it took probably less than half an hour since there was not much traffic nor passengers along the way. On entry into the lobby, it was unlike the Sheraton Centre Toronto which had a huge cavernous lobby. There was a lobby bar on the ground floor along with a concierge desk and the relatively small reception counter. Considering the size of the hotel, this could be a problem when checking in during peak times of the day. On Sunday night, that was no problem as there was no one in the queue. As expected I was assigned a Club King room having been upgraded from a Standard King room which I booked. I did not ask further for suite upgrades since I was travelling alone and my room had a good view.

Room No: 3517 Category: Club King room

Club King Bedroom
Club King bedroom

The bedroom itself looks fresh and seems to have new contemporary updates to the furnishings. It was also much more spacious than I expected. There is a King size bed, a flatscreen TV console with a work desk along with a 2-seater sofa with a table at the corner by the window.

Sofa and Table in the Room
Sofa and table in the room

The bathroom also seems to be updated and is clean even though it is just another standard Sheraton bathroom with a bathtub-shower combination. And while the water pressure was good for a large hotel, the bathtub was a bit small and outdated.

Club Bathroom
Club bathroom

As the norm in Sheratons, the bathroom was stocked with the in-house Mandarin & Mint amenities. It is average and obviously not something I would take home with me.

Mandarin & Mint Bath Amenity
Mandarin & Mint bath amenity

My assigned room has one of the best views, which I consider an upgrade as I am staying alone and the view in my opinion is a perk in staying at this downtown hotel. The room faces the Mont Royal and being located high up, I got a nice bird’s eye view as the sun rose and set!

Morning in Montréal
Morning in Montréal from the room

Since I actually arrived around 6pm, I had time to partake in the evening happy hour at the club lounge located just one floor above my room. There are no rooms located on the same floor as the club lounge as the lounge itself is a relatively large space.

Elevator Lobby in the Club Lounge
Elevator lobby in the Club Lounge floor

The decor and furnishing in the lounge was grand and creates a very comfortable and quiet ambience to relax in the evening after a day of work. And the top floor location have some fantastic wrap-around views of downtown Montréal. In fact, the club lounge reminded me of the one in the Sheraton Centre Toronto. Below are just 2 photos I took during the evening and in the morning while having breakfast.

Looking West from the Club Lounge
Looking west from the Club Lounge
Downtown Skyscrapers
Downtown skyscrapers with the Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral on the lower left

For the evening spread, the dishes was slightly below average with smoked salmon and capers, some cheese and crackers, nachos and salsa, cut vegetables sticks with ranch dip. Overall more or less similar like most North American Sheraton Club Lounges.

Vegetables and Dips
Vegetables and dips
Nachos and Salsa
Nachos and salsa
Smoked Salmon and Capers
Smoked salmon and capers
Cheese Plates
Cheese plates and crackers

And there was this plate filled with some berry mousse cake as dessert. I got one of these but just had a bite and thought they were quite awful.

Desserts plate

However the next evening, there seems to be more choices as it included some hot samosas and spring rolls. My guess is that there were more people in the club lounge on the second night compared to the first night which gave the kitchen more budget for food?

DIY Pancake Machine
DIY pancake machine during breakfast

For breakfast, the club lounge was well worth it since it featured a DIY pancake machine with real maple syrup provided on the basket. Because this is Québec, where maple syrup is produced at, you do not get those sugar syrups in place of the real deal, and for that alone, I kind of enjoyed breakfast here.

Freshly made pancakes
Freshly made pancakes

Aside from the pancakes, there was also hot plain omelettes with ketchup or mustard.

Omelette with Ketchup or Mustard
Omelette with ketchup or mustard

On the buffet counter, there was also a generous selection of continental breakfast contents like croissants, pastries, toast, yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, assorted cheese and fruits.

Croissants and Pastries
Croissants, pastries and muffins
Cereal Selections
Cereal selections
Cheese Plate
Cheese bowl during breakfast
Fruit platter
Fruit platter

Amongst some club lounge breakfasts in North American hotels, the one here is not too shabby. The lounge was also not too crowded overtime I dined there, though there always seems to be more people in the morning for breakfast than in the evenings.

Dining Area in the Lounge
Dining area in the lounge
Seating area in the Lounge
Seating area in the lounge

Aside from the food and seating space, the lounge also featured some workstations for business travellers.

Business Workstations in the Lounge
Business workstations in the lounge

The other facilities in the hotel includes a somewhat small indoor pool and fitness centre.

Fitness Centre
Fitness centre
Treadmills in the gym
Treadmills in the gym
Indoor Pool
Indoor swimming pool

Another service I tried was the concierge, when I enquired about transport to Mont Tremblant and it turns out she was more clueless than I was. I had previously checked online about the Gallard Bus but was looking for alternatives and she was not able to find any for me. I find some concierge services in North America to be not that great especially in the larger city hotels.

For this stay, I think I overpaid slightly so it was not terribly good value for money. I would say if prices were somewhat closer to $100-120, this hotel is pretty good considering the views from the upper floors, the relatively good breakfast in the club lounge and convenient downtown location.


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