Air Canada Dash 8 from SEA to YVR – Spring Snowboarding in Colorado

AC8098 Seattle Tacoma SEA – Vancouver International YVR
STD-STA: 18:50-19:39
Actual: 18:59-19:35
Bombardier Dash-8 300 C-GMTA
Gate A6A Seat 12F

From the United Club it was a short walk towards the gate and they were not even boarding yet. With an all-economy class cabin and a turbo-prop plane, the call for boarding was simple and of course it was once again a walk towards the plane. As this is really a basic flight, there was nothing much to report except the flight was full and the plane cabin looks awfully old and tattered.

Air Canada Bombardier Dash-8
Air Canada Bombardier Dash-8 in Seattle


I was basically seated in the last row by the window which suits me just fine as it was a full flight. Because it is a turboprop plane, the last row is quite good for views though even then they were partially blocked by the propeller housing.

Dash 8 Economy Class Cabin
Dash 8 economy class cabin


Speaking of views, that was basically what this flight is all about since there was basically nothing at all during the flight except a round of water provided for passengers. The weather was marvellous when we departed Seattle with the clouds clearing to give for a nice sunset. From take-off until we passed Pudget Sound, the views were what made this flight a great one.

Take-off views
Take-off views from Seattle Tacoma airport


Puget Sound Aerial View
Puget Sound aerial view


Seattle from the air
Seattle from the air


Flying over Bellingham Bay
Flying over Bellingham Bay


Even with the cloud cover as we approached Vancouver, the sunset casts a very nice orange glow on the skies making for a memorable flight. Landing into cloudy Vancouver, we were docked in the regional jet parking area and that marked the end of an average flight that was remarkable when seen as a sightseeing fly-over the Pacific Northwest.

Cloud formation in sunset
Cloud formation in sunset


Approach into YVR
Approach into YVR


Air Canada Dash-8 Cabin
Air Canada Dash-8 cabin


Air Canada Express
Air Canada Express jet at Vancouver



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