United Club in Seattle Tacoma – Spring Snowboarding in Colorado

I have been to a couple of United’s lounges and while some of them like the Global First Lounge in SFO was good, there are a couple of really old lounges and in general they are not even worth visiting. But just earlier this year, I visited the new United Club in San Diego and was a little bit impressed since it featured comfortable seats with a nice view of the terminal.

United Club entrance
United Club entrance and reception

As I disembarked in Seattle-Tacoma, there was some time to spare for my next flight to Vancouver and even for a short flight, it is considered an international flight and I made use of my expiring Star Alliance Gold Status to head to the United Club which was near the gate I alighted from.

Main dining section
Main dining section, with windows overlooking the terminal

The United Club is located across from gate A9 on the second floor, accessible via an elevator. A new United logo is emblazoned across a black mirror finish divider and that looks really sleek. Inside the same modern look can be found throughout the furniture choices, with the same comfortable armchairs that I saw in San Diego.

United logo in the corridor
United logo in the corridor

For an airline lounge the space is kind of small but I think they made good use of the space by spacing out the lounge and sub-dividing it into various sections. There is a main dining section beside the counters where guests can find the usual lounge fare ranging from cookies, fruits to candies. There are also vegetable dips in the fridge, coffee stations and an espresso machine. Overall I think the food and beverage options are slightly better than the older lounges as well, so that is another slight improvement.

Cookies and fruit bowl
Cookies and fruit bowl
Chocolates and candies
Chocolates and candies
Coffee station
Coffee station
Espresso machine
Espresso machine

Past the main dining section, there is a bar area and the white marble countertops metallic finishings make the space light and modern even for a smaller space.

United Club lounge
Bar area in the lounge

Beyond the bar area, there is another long rectangular space that I deem as the quieter sections of the lounge with a TV and more seating spaces. Even with a moderate crowd, because of the various sections, there seems to be much more privacy for guests. There are even some enclosed workspace rooms that were taken up by business travellers when I was in the lounge.

Alcove seating area
Alcove seating area with TV

Since I was there for a short while, I did not use much of the lounge amenities, and the only drawback was the lack of plane spotting opportunities as the main lounge section overlooks the terminal while the quieter back section has views of the surrounding airport hotels and business parks.

The renovated United Club
The renovated United Club

All things considered, if this is where the design of United Clubs are moving towards, I have to say my view towards United as an airline is improving. At least even though the lounge is basic, the seating areas are comfortable and provide a nice space to relax in. That is better than nothing at all.


2 thoughts on “United Club in Seattle Tacoma – Spring Snowboarding in Colorado

  1. The new United Club looks really nice. All the United lounges I’ve been to so far, were kind of disappointing. It is nice to see that the new ones are slightly better 🙂

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