A Tasting of the Ice Cream Shops around Greater Vancouver – Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Phew that was a long lag between posts. Again something cropped up and I have not had the chance to update my blog till today. This post will follow up on the last post that reviews some of the noteworthy ice cream shops around greater Vancouver. This time I will write about Rain or Shine Ice Cream, a nice little store located along the shopping strip of West 4th Avenue, close to Burrard Street in the hip Kitsilano area. Vancouverites would also know this area as the place to go for ski gears, and the home of the first Lululemon store. Thus do expect some sort of queues when heading here in the summer.

Queueing for Rain or Shine Ice Cream
Queueing for Rain or Shine Ice Cream

The first time I visited the store was on an evening after dinner, and it was closing soon. It was probably a 20 minutes queue before we got to leave with our ice creams. There are some seating for customers around the entrance and while queueing, we also got to see into the kitchen. Rain or Shine prides on using locally sourced ingredients and they do offer a lot of flavours with the whole range being written on a chalkboard. In addition customers heading there on Tuesdays get to order the Tacos ice cream, with scoops being doled out onto a waffle in the shape of tacos.

Rain or Shine Ice Cream
Inside Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Besides the usual chocolate and vanilla, these are some of the other fixed offerings: Salted Caramel, Coffee Toffee, London Fog, Honey Lavender, Blueberry Balsamic, Peanut Butter, Coconut Chocolate Chunk (vegan), and Cracked Mint. I tried a couple of seasonal flavours as well and I did enjoy their Honey Lavender. They also offer toppings which I liked and my favourite is perhaps the candied hazelnut. But then again I am a huge fan of nutty flavours so I did like the ice cream and their scoops are generous. While I did like the ice cream, my friend mentioned the texture was not as great and I did notice the ice cream did melt quite easily, resulting in a bit of a mess while walking around with the ice cream.

Menu at Rain or Shine
Counter at Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Prices for one scoop was $4.50, $5 if you choose 2 flavours and $6 for 2 full scoops. Extra charges was in place for a waffle cone at $1, so I have to say prices are on par with Earnest. Considering the close proximity to downtown and a variety of other shops, I say this is a good place to go for ice cream especially for visitors since the store is close enough to sightseeing spots like Granville Island. However, I have not been attracted to any of their flavours so much that I need to visit on a regular basis.


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