Snowboarding in Nagano: Club or View Deluxe at Hyatt Regency Tokyo

During my stay in Tokyo, I stayed twice at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo, once when I arrived from Bangkok and another time after my return from Nagoya. For the 2 different stays, I was assigned a different room and would provide some comparisons. On the first stay, I was assigned the Club King room which is basically similar to what I was assigned previously in June 2013.

Main Lobby of the Hotel
Main lobby of the Hyatt Regency

This time round I was helped when I entered the lobby by the staff as it was late night and there was only one other guest checking in. The process was also a lot faster and more straightforward.

Check-in and Concierge Desk
Check-in and concierge desk

Room No: 0718 Category: Club King Room

Club rooms are located at the lower floors (floors 6 and 7) as the Regency Club is located on the 6th floor. The room was very nicely furnished and is spacious compared to the standard hotel rooms in Japan. The extensive wood panelling in the room gave it a classy feel but it makes the room feel smaller.

Club King Bedroom
Club King bedroom

On entering the room, guests will see a small foyer to store luggage or shoes and there will be a wardrobe on the side. The bathroom is standard in size but features simple lines and have an enclosed shower stall with a bathtub. There is also a wooden sliding door on the right enclosing the toilet. The bathtub even has sliding blinds that allows guests to overlook the bedroom while having a soak!

Club Room Bathroom
Club room bathroom

Inside the contemporary lines continued into the bedroom and besides the comfortable king bed, the room features a hidden minibar and a wooden table that doubles as a console. This made the design of the room much sleeker. By the window, there was also a comfortable lounger chair.

Club King Room
Club King room

For 2 people sharing this room, the size would be just adequate. While I find the room to be nicely designed, the corridor between the bathroom and the wardrobe that leads to the room seems to be a little cramped and dark due to the wood panelling.

Hidden Bar Counter
Hidden bar counter in the Club room

Room No: 2310 Category: View Deluxe King Room

When I returned to the hotel for another stay later in the trip, I was assigned a View Deluxe room located on the 23rd floor, though I still retained the Regency Club access from my Hyatt Diamond membership. Initially I wanted the club room again but they only had smoking rooms and upon being escorted to the View Deluxe room to check it out first, I decided to just stick with it for one night.

View Deluxe Room Entrance
View Deluxe room entrance

Unlike the Club room, the View Deluxe rooms are located on the high floors and mine was located on the 23rd floor. The rooms also felt more spacious and has a brighter bathroom. The bathroom layout was similarly odd with the toilet placed in a separate small room with its own sink. The main bathroom has a much larger vanity counter with a separate bathtub and shower stall.

View Deluxe Bathroom
View Deluxe bathroom
Toilet in separate chamber
Toilet in separate chamber

The bedroom has a more spacious layout even though I think both the View Deluxe and Club rooms have the same square footage. There was an open bar by the wardrobe and a luggage stand before the TV console that stretches against the wall. There was also a lounge chair and small table beside the window to take advantage of the magnificent view. On clear winter morning, it was easy to spot Mt Fuji from this room.

King Bed
King bed in the View Deluxe room
Mt Fuji View
Mt Fuji view from the room

Both rooms featured the same bathroom amenities and required a wifi device to be installed in the room before guests could log on the internet on their mobile devices. What was important was that both rooms also had the same automatic TOTO washlet system that can be found everywhere in Japan. The only difference was that the club room design and furnishings seems better. However, I rather preferred the View Deluxe room for the higher floors and more ‘spacious’ feel and the segregated toilet.


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