SQ and MH: Silver Kris Lounge at Changi Airport

I have had the pleasure to visit the Silver Kris lounge at Changi Airport multiple times and I would have to say I really enjoy the transit experience. The Silver Kris lounge, also known colloquially as SKL, is Singapore Airlines’ main business class lounge and it has a separate lounge for Star Alliance Gold members (which supposedly has lesser food and beverage amenities). Anyway as far as airline lounges go, SKL is pretty high in my list. Since Changi Airport has a total of 3 terminals and Singapore Airlines flights depart from both Terminal 2 and 3, they operate 2 Silver Kris lounges, one being in Terminal 2 and another in Terminal 3. I have been in one of these lounges during the course of my flights with SIA as depicted in my journals during flights to Guangzhou, Jakarta and Male.

Inside the T2 SKL
Inside the Terminal 2 Silver Kris lounge

Gaining Entry

Silver Kris lounge entrance
Terminal 3 Silver Kris lounge entrance

The Silver Kris lounge which admits all business class passengers holding a valid boarding pass including passengers travelling on Star Alliance flights in the business class cabin. In addition, the Silver Kris lounge also admits Singapore Airlines PPS Club members. This means for passengers who spend S$25,000 or above with Singapore Airlines annually. When we consider these facts, the SKL is kind of a more prestigious lounge compared to the common airline lounges since it does not admit one just by owning a particular credit card or by purchasing an airline lounge pass for about US$500 (which can be done for US-based airlines). Thus expectations amongst passengers have to be high and deservedly so. In addition to the Silver Kris lounges, there are First Class sections of the lounges along with a really special ‘The Private Room’ which I recently reviewed.

Busy day at the Lounge
Busy day at the lounge

Lounge Food and Beverages

As far as business class airline lounges go, Silver Kris lounge has one of the widest variety of lounge foods that are some of the highest in terms of quality as well. In addition to Singaporean classic dishes like fried noodles, chicken rice and carrot cake for breakfast, there was a good selection of vegetarian cuisines, western dishes, pastas, Chinese stir-fried classics or Indian curries. For cold dishes, there are smoked salmon, cured meats, and sushis. They do some good desserts too like sea coconut and longan in syrup along with some special dishes during the Chinese New Year like fried rice cakes. The food offerings in this lounge does not lose out to some hotel buffets and needless to say it is not likely one will go hungry here.

Food at Silverkris Lounge
Food at Silver Kris lounge
Congee for Breakfast
Congee for breakfast in the lounge

As for beverages, the lounge also provides a variety of drinks from the common soft drinks and juices to espresso machines and a range of alcoholic beverages like wines and beers. They even have a Tiger beer tap! One of my favourite though has got to be the wide selection of TWG teas. These tea bags are really wonderful for a warm drink before any flight!

Bar Area in the SKL
Bar area in the SKL
TWG Tea in the Lounge
TWG tea in the lounge

The lounge also features dining areas that are separated from the seating areas thus giving more space for guests and limiting cutlery clatter in the lounge area.

Silver Kris Lounge Dining Area
Silver Kris lounge dining in T3
Dining Table
Dining table at the lounge in T2

Lounge Amenities

Both the lounge in T2 and T3 have adequate seating and features a luxurious ambience that has adequate lighting and while it does not have any special furniture that adds privacy, there are enough seats spaced with side tables that it has some kind of privacy for guests. In addition, the lounges usually have a quiet corner for those seeking to work on their laptops or just seeking some peace while travelling.

Quiet Section of the Lounge
Quiet section of the lounge

Wifi signals in the lounge is also easy to access and provide reasonably fast speeds that is useful even for online video conversations through Facetime or Skype. This is in addition to the airport wide wifi provided for all passengers on a complimentary basis.

The lounge also had one of the widest selection of magazines and newspapers. Besides the local newspapers, they also stocked up on German language newspapers (most probably due to Lufthansa being a Star Alliance partner) and regional selections too!

Newspaper rack
Newspaper rack

Shower Facilities

Shower stall in the SKL
Shower stall in the lounge

The lounge has adequate shower facilities with enclosed private rooms for passengers. And Singapore Airlines did make it look nice and comfortable such that it is easy for passengers to place their hand carried items to avoid it getting wet. There was also ample amenities like mouthwash, toothbrush and towels inside the shower room.

Shower Room at Silver Kris Lounge
Shower room at Silver Kris lounge

One fault I find is that the soap and shampoo compartment attached to the wall is not very friendly to use. It definitely works better than the ‘swivelling’ soap dish at Malaysia Airline’s Golden Lounge but it could be improved upon.

Closing Remarks

Seating Area
Seating area of the Silver Kris lounge at T3

Amongst airlines, Singapore Airlines might have one of the most reputed cabins, but in terms of airline lounges it is perhaps in the upper scale but nowhere near the top. However the Silver Kris lounge in Changi Airport are definitely a nice place to spend the time in, and better than Malaysia Airlines’ lounges at KLIA.

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