SQ and MH: Malaysia Airlines A330 Business Class Kuala Lumpur to Delhi

MH190 Kuala Lumpur International KUL – Delhi Indira Gandhi DEL
STD-STA: 1705-2005
Actual: 1723-2009
Airbus A330-300 9M-MTG
Gate C1 Seat 2A

After having a shower at the lounge in the satellite terminal, I got myself a cup of ice cream and walked over to the boarding gate since it was time to board the flight. I was one of the last few passengers to board the flight since the waiting area was empty already by the time my boarding pass was scanned.

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330
Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Seat onboard Malaysia Airlines
Seat onboard Malaysia Airlines A330

Onboard, this was not a full flight unlike the journey to KL from Delhi and only 15 out of 36 seats were occupied in Business class. That was less than 50% occupancy! Service started with a pink guava juice for welcome drinks along with cold towels. Unlike my last flight though, I did not remember them offering newspapers or magazines.

Pink Guava Juice
Pink guava juice

On the seat itself was a pillow and blanket while the menu was placed in the magazine compartment. Menu was similar to the one on my flight to KL and I noticed I had the same plane servicing the flight as well. Menu for the flight was already in the magazine holder in the seat back, and it read as follow:

Main Dining Menu
Dinner menu
Inflight Menu
Supper menu and beverage selection
Cocktail Menu
Cocktail menu
Wine List
Wine list

I noticed the menu was similar to my flight to KL and I had the same plane servicing the flight as well. There was still a slight wait before the plane closed its doors so I took this chance to take photos of the cabin since the flight was relatively empty.

Business Class Seats by Recaro
Business class seats by Recaro
The Business Class Cabin
The Business class cabin

After take-off, which did not take long, passengers were served an Indian snack pack that was made in Malaysia and orders were taken for a post take-off drink. I had a ‘Teh Tarik’ or a specialty tea drink and it was just like those you could get in the hawker centres of Singapore and Malaysia.

Flying past Klang
Flying past Klang
Snack before the Meal
Snack before the meal
Teh Tarik before the Meal
Teh Tarik after take-off

Meal service started with satay, then an appetizer with chicken or lamb choices; it ended up with me picking an all chicken meal. Since I enjoyed the TV drama ‘Golden Boy’ in my previous flight, that was what I continued watching during this flight. It was good that Malaysia’s IFE has several episodes of this drama serial.

Malaysian Satay
Malaysian satay

I still have to say I rather have Singapore’s version of satay any time! I still don’t like the beans in the peanut sauce.

Salad Plate
Salad plate

The salad was normal and I am neutral towards it. The portion of the salad served was pretty good and it came with a packet of yogurt and a fruit bowl. Next came the main course which some sort of chicken curry. It was delicious and again another good portion of meal. Papadums and assorted breads were also offered with the main course.

Inflight Meal
Main course of Narial chicken

Coffee was served while crew returned to serve dessert after clearing tray. Dessert on the flight was an Indian dessert, and it just was not something I fancy. Generally I find Indian desserts overly sweet for my taste.

Nawabi Tukda
Nawabi tukda

Cabin lights were dimmed after dinner service and the ambient lighting made for a nice flight environment. Service by the staff was average at best though even with a relatively empty flight as the crew was nowhere to be seen at all during the remainder of the flight.

Seat in 'Lounge' Mode
Seat in ‘lounge’ or relaxing mode

Since it was a day flight and I was not that tired, I took more photos of the cabin and roamed the business class cabin. I am not a big fan of the Recaro seats since I find them slightly narrow compared to what Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines uses for their regional business class seats. The padding on the seat is also on the firm side which works best when seated upright but not really built for comfortable sleeping or relaxing.

Angled Flat Seating
Seat in angled flat mode

Malaysia Airlines business class cabin has 2 lavatories in the cabin and the front and rear lavatory has different amenities. Better ones upfront as they are outfitted with Aigner-branded amenities.

Aigner Amenities in the Lavatory
Aigner amenities in the lavatory
Flowers in Malaysia Airlines A330
Flowers in the lavatory

When I returned to my seat, I requested for playing cards or postcards and crew returned with a bag that was stuffed with shaving kits, pens, memo pads and toothbrush sets. I had only wanted the memo pads as a memento and left the rest behind.

Sunset in the Indian Ocean
Sunset in the Indian ocean

About 25 minutes before landing, the crew prepped the cabin and handed out hot towels and pre-arrival drinks. During the flight, I watched Golden Boy until episode 5 and that last episode was the best so far!

Ambient Lighting
Ambient lighting

Smooth landing at Delhi meant we arrived on time even with the slightly late pullback and I was definitely going to make it for my continuing flight to Singapore onboard SQ! This flight definitely was better due to the timing and the fact that the flight was not as full. The service by the crew was more or less the same as my last flight though and it seems impersonal. For what it is worth, I would only pick Malaysia Airlines based on convenience or price and would try to avoid these A330s on red-eye flights as they can get uncomfortable for sleeping.


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